Rabbi Jeff and Shoshie Wohlgelernter
    Rabbi Jeff and Shoshie Wohlgelernter came to La Jolla in 1987.  Rabbi Jeff was from New York, and Shoshie from Vermont.  They met and married in Israel.  After learning in kollel and living in Israel, they taught and uplifted youth and their families in Australia before coming to La Jolla.  In January 1987 they founded Congregation Adat Yeshurun.  In 33 years at Adat, they have become known for their passion for learning, hospitality, creativity, mesiras nefesh, and love for their diverse community of inspired and growing Jews. From the beginning, Rabbi Jeff had an “I will learn with you any time any place” philosophy.  A gifted Torah teacher, he has regularly taught more than thirty classes per week.  Shoshie taught for many years at Hebrew Day and Torah High and touched the lives of so many through her friendship, teachings, women’s trips to Israel, community leadership, and the tens of thousands of delicious meals she has served.  
    Rabbi Wohlgelernter is known for his inspiring Neilah at the end of Yom Kippur, his laining of the Megillah in multiple character voices, his Puff the Kosher Dragon at Simchas Torah, his Purim rap, and his and Shoshie’s tireless dedication to the Adat community.  So many lives have been touched. So many people have kept so many mitzvahs for the first time.  So many trips have been taken, classes taught, meals served, and inspiring singing or conversations that went long into the night.  The Rabbi has continued teaching three classes a day while on sabbatical in Israel.  Their impact on our lives cannot be measured.  The Torah that they brought to Southern California will provide a foundation for generations.  They have raised beautiful children and grandchildren.
    As Rabbi Jeff and Rebbetzin Shoshie head towards the next chapter of their personal and communal legacy in Israel, their beloved Congregation Adat Yeshurun gathers to say, “Thank You."
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