Elinor & Maury Litwack
Guests of Honor
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Elinor and Maury Litwack are the proud parents of Mayer (Class of 2021) Leah (Class of 2023e) Sarina (Class of 2026) and Levi (Class of 2029). Throughout their years as BPY parents they have been active and involved in supporting and growing the school. Elinor served on the BPY Board of Trustees for two years and currently serves as chair of the audit committee. Maury served as co-chair of the BPY Development Committee.

Elinor is Partner with GRF CPAs and Advisors where she has specialized in nonprofit accounting and tech solutions for 15 years. Elinor also serves as Treasurer of I Support the Girls, an organization that was launched 7 years ago and has since facilitated the donation of over 20 million  products to women and girls in need.

Maury is Managing Director of the Orthodox Union and Founder of the Teach Coalition, a national advocacy operation that advocates for over $350 million dollars in annual aid to community institutions. Maury has served on the development committees of 3 schools and one shul. 

Elinor was born and raised in Miami, Florida with a heartwarming  Sephardic upbringing in an Israeli/American household. Maury was born and raised in the Midwest with a nuturing Ashkenazi upbringing in his American household. Elinor and Maury moved to Bergen County in 2016 and chose BPY for its incredible education and its commitment to warmth of Sephardic/Ashekanzi heritage and unity. Maury and Elinor live in Englewood and are members of the amazing East Hill community.

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