Morah Naava Gavarin
Faculty Award Recipient
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Morah Naava Gavarin brings a rich tapestry of experience and passion to her role as a second-grade teacher at BPY, entering her ninth year in this pivotal role. Her journey with BPY began during her senior year at Yeshiva University when she attended a job fair and was drawn to BPY. Since then, she has become an integral part of the school's fabric.


A distinguished alumna of Yeshiva University's Stern College for Women, Naava graduated Summa Cum Laude with dual degrees in General Elementary Education and Jewish Education. As one of six Legacy Heritage Scholars in her class, she showcased her commitment to academic excellence. Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Naava earned a Master's Degree in Literacy from Bank Street College of Education and received professional training in Orton-Gillingham through the Institute of Multisensory Education.


Beginning her BPY career as an assistant teacher during graduate school, Naava had the privilege of learning from esteemed educators, which shaped her teaching philosophy. In her current role, she brings creativity to her lessons, intertwining the curriculum in reading, writing, and math. Emphasizing the importance of community, Naava fosters connections between students and strives to understand each student individually, helping them identify strengths and develop a growth mindset.


Beyond academics, Naava values building a true sense of community, involving students in discussions about their interests and creating a supportive classroom environment. Her dedication extends to her family, finding joy in her sons Kobi and Barry, and she expresses gratitude to her husband, Amir, for his unwavering love, support, and patience. Naava's commitment to education and community enriches the BPY experience for both her students and her colleagues.



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