Those We Lost During the Past Year
The departed whom we now remember have entered into the peace of life eternal. They still live on earth in the acts of goodness they performed and in the hearts of those who cherish their memory. May the beauty of their life abide among us as a loving benediction. May the source of peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort all the bereaved among us.
Engraved upon our hearts are those whose names were removed from the Book of Life during the past year:
Marjorie Akselrad, mother of Lisa Akselrad and Audrey Smith
Ralph Arnheim, father of Buddy Arnheim
Helene Barnes, mother of Jennifer Wolfeld
Mike Baron, uncle of Michael Levy
Ruth Beckman, mother of Karen Frankel
Herbert Berman, husband of Elaine Berman
Gerald Berner, father of Ellen Berner
Roberta Lynn Berger Bernstein, mother of Daniel Bernstein 
Jerry Blum, husband of Jocelyn Blum, father of Heather Rosenkranz
Victor Brill, father of Elliott Brill
Henry Burger, husband of Lottie Burger, father of Les Burger
David Corman, father of Robert Corman
Roberto Juarez Crowe, brother of Luis Crowe
Laura Dinitz, daughter-in-law of Jack Birnbaum, wife of Seth Birnbaum
Carol Dondick, mother of Lisa Nissim
Joseph Dukhovny, husband of Faina Karasina
Victoria Ehrlich, aunt of Ellen Ratner
Carol Emerich 
Jack Furness, father of Lyn Napel
Philip Gershater, brother of Lee Zulman
Steven A. Gewirtz, father of Sameya Gewirtz Pasquale 
Arlene Gilliland, cousin of Cindy Huppert
LeAnn Grace, daughter-in-law of Michael and Merrie Asimow
Tamra Grelck, wife of Matt Grelck
Willy Haeberli, father of Martin Haeberli
Elaine Hartman, mother of Sandee Hartman
Phillip Heath, nephew of Terri Goldberg
Linda Heath, sister of Terri Goldberg
Carmella Pizzello Herbert, godmother of Louise Stirpe-Gill
James Hochman, husband of Jeanne Hochman
Irving Holzberg, husband of Lorri Holzberg
Ann Huntting, mother of Craig Heimark
Dorothy Huppert, mother of Cindy Huppert
Jay Jackman, husband of Myra Strober, father of Rashi Jackman, stepfather of Jason Strober
Alan Jackman, uncle of Rashi Jackman, brother-in-law of Myra Strober
Samuel Jacob, brother of Michele Klein
Walter Jennings, father of Jay Jennings
Joseph Kaufman, nephew of Arnie Kaufman
Jerry Kelley, father of Rob Kelley
Penny Kermit, mother of Eben Kermit
Jeremy Kermit, son of Jeremy Kermit
Suzanne Koppett 
Kenny Kraemer, nephew of Linda and Rick Kraemer, cousin of Sarah Kraemer and David Pirie
Marion Krasnow, cousin of Sheila Lewis
Jonathan Krass, husband of Deborah Krass
Shirley Lang, grandmother of David Horn
Lynda Leisner, sister of Alan Greenwald, uncle of Jeff Greenwald
Joan Lerner, mother of Robert Lerner
Laura Less, sister in law of Rhoda Kaplan
Irene Levine 
Michael Jay Lipson, father of Jafi Lipson 
Ronald Marks, husband of Carol Marks
Christopher Mateo, uncle of Donnovan Yisrael
Alan Mendelson, brother of Debra Mendelson
Adelle Mitchner 
Gisela Oloff, mother of Larry Oloff
Michael Pearl, son of Sam and Leslie Pearl
Barbara "Bunnie" Ratner cousin of Ellen Ratner
Beth Rosenthal, mother of Jason Rosenthal
Marcy Rosoff, sister of Jason Rusoff
Coleman Sachs, husband of Diane Sachs, father of Todd Sachs
Lillian Sarver, mother of Beverly Sarver
Sara Schieber, mother of Susan Warren
Arnold Seidel, husband of Joan Seidel, father of Craig Seidel
Elaine Selznick, mother of Howard Selznick
Irving Shames, father of Rich Shames
Jerry Shapiro, husband of Irene Shapiro
Linda Sherry, mother of Angela Evans
Marci Shpall, mother of Jaime Shpall
Mark Sigal 
Sam Strober, father of Jason Strober
Howard Sussman, brother-in-law of Ceevah Sobel
Ray Treiger, father-in-law of Karen Treiger
Ann Tukey, sister-in-law of Nancy Fogel
Rabbi Martin Weiner, cousin of Debra Mendelson
Jeffrey Wishko, uncle of Aly Yisrael
Richard Wolfeld, father of Jeff Wolfeld
Edith Yanklowitz, mother of Patti Yanklowitz
Jean Zukin 
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