Those We Lost During the Past Year
The departed whom we now remember have entered into the peace of life eternal. They still live on earth in the acts of goodness they performed and in the hearts of those who cherish their memory. May the beauty of their life abide among us as a loving benediction. May the source of peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort all the bereaved among us.
Engraved upon our hearts are those whose names were removed from the Book of Life during the past year:
Ralph Arnheim, father of Buddy Arnheim
Mike Baron, uncle of Michael Levy
Jackson Bediak, nephew of Jamie Rosen
Jerry Behar, husband of Leslie Behar
Mary Blitz, grandmother of Jodi Krefetz
Robert Bloom, father of Claudia Bloom
Adrienne Lee Brookstone, mother of Susan Mirbach
Shelly Brown, mother of Joel Brown, grandmother of Ben Brown 
Elinor Caplan, mother of Debbie Machlin
Lubah Freedman Cohen, sister of Ceevah Sobel
Shira Cohen, mother of Lisa Mark
Stanley Cohen, father of Craig Cohen
Harold Coleman, father of Claire Lauing, grandfather of Sarah Lauing
Tony D'Esopo, husband of Marian Sagan
Lorraine Denenberg, our member 
Carol Dodnick, mother of Lisa Nissim
Jerry Dorland, father of Allison Munichiello
Elaine Ehrman, mother of Leslie Behar, Richard Ehrman and Cynthia Graham 
JoAnn Elevitch, wife of Franklin Elevitch
Peppi Elona, grandmother of David Henig
Jane Fellows, sister of David Henig
Leonard Frank, uncle of Leslie Shane
Stephen Geller, father of Wendie Karel
Mike Gibson, cousin of Rachel Gibson
Eileen Gleeson, grandmother of Erin Gleeson
Marka Davis Hemphill, mother of Audrey Gold
Carmella "Millie" Pizzello Herbert, godmother of Louise Stirpe-Gill
Elaine Hogan, our member 
Verla Horton, grandmother of Nicole Rubin
Joseph Jarzynka, brother of Julie Gosler
Marvin Jones, father of Frosty Gross
Phyllis Joseph, sister of Mel Kronick
Phyllis Karel, wife of Irving Karel, mother of David Karel and Jennifer Makower
Lyusya Kashis, our member 
Ruth B. Kaufman, mother of Carolyn Solomon
Joseph Kaufman, nephew of Arnie Kaufman
Chrisitiane Kolisher, grandmother of Maroussia Brys
Kenny Kraemer, nephew of Rick and Linda Kraemer
Marion Krasnow, cousin of Sheila Lewis
Shirley Lang, grandmother of David Horn
Suzanne Vicki Langer, mother of Lisa Langer
Laura Less, sister in law of Rhoda Kaplan
Ellen Rubenstein Lester, mother of Kim Sommer
Matthew Levin, cousin of Rabbi Heath Watenmaker
Shoshana Levy, wife of Ronald Levy
David Allan Lips, brother of Harold Lips
Edythe Lubin, mother of Linda Lubin Thompson
Max Maltzman, grandson of Charlene and Richard Maltzman
Bernard Marcus, our member 
David Mark, brother of Lisa Mark
Lois Mark, mother of Lisa Mark
Susan Markowitz, mother of David Markowitz and Josh Markowitz
John McGrath, brother of Anne Hochberg
Amy Miller, sister of Chuck Ortenberg
Moises Mishkin, grandfather of Talia Gittler
Rachelle Morad, mother of Ratson Morad
Harold Mukamal, father of Debbie Mukamal
Anita Schiller Neumann, mother of Jackie Pelavin
Laura Newman, sister of Sandy Koo
Thomas Nordlinger, father of Robin Leiman
Eva Norman, mother of Russell Norman
William Orttung, father of Mark Orttung
Hilda Owens, mother of Sharon Barkoff
Ann Ozer, our member 
Fay Ellen Perlas, spouse of Ken Adler 
Alisa Better Perry, mother of Ogen Perry
Eleanora Shreberk Pevzner, mother of Inna Spier
Miriam Rappaport, mother of Leah Strauss
Debora Reiff, sister in law of Francine Lundy Ruvolo
Marlene Riebman, aunt of Jay Hirsh
Maxcy Rivkin, uncle of Jay Hirsh
Donald Schilling, brother of Ron Schilling
Irving Shames, father of Rich Shames
Harriet Shane, mother of Leslie Shane
Irene Shanes, sister of Barbara Stevens
Michael Shapiro, husband of Irina Shapiro
Joyce Sherer, mother of Debbie Gordon
Milton Siegel, husband of Lois Siegel
Amy Sims, mother of Russ Sims
Martin Sobel, brother of Art Sobel 
Ronald Sommer, father of Rick Sommer
Lincoln Spolar, brother of Linda Kramer, uncle of Deb Radin and Susan Kramer 
Maxine Stromberg, mother of Ellen Stromberg
Anne Tanen, mother of Laurie Tanen-Jarvis
Gerald Norman Tuch, father of Neil Tuch
Jim Vandergriff, father of Jody Vandergriff
Don Way, husband of Sylvie Way
Dennis Weintraub, father of Rachel Michelson
Irwin Wertheimer, brother of Elaine Ehrman
Len Williams, our member
Stella Willner, mother of Jane Willner
Edith Yanklowitz, mother of Patti Yanklowitz
Mikhail Zaydenberg, husband of Iveta Zaydenberg
Denise Ziony, wife of Joe Ziony
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