Over the course of his four-decade tenure, Rabbi Alan Silverstein has been a remarkable, visionary leader. He is lauded for creating the unique combination of religious, educational and social programs that established CAI’s stellar reputation in the New York metropolitan area. Rabbi Silverstein is also well known for his leadership roles in numerous global associations, prolific authorship and speaking engagements, and deep involvement with Israel.
At CAI, he has encouraged the role of women in ritual life, grown the full-time staff and robust slate of programs, forged strong relationships among interfaith clergy and institutions and further expanded the platform of engagement opportunities for the entire congregation. He has shepherded generations of CAI members through lifecycle milestones, officiating at the weddings of former b’nei mitzvot and then celebrating the births of their children. The longevity of his service is matched only by the depth of his caring.
We believe that recognizing Rabbi Silverstein’s steadfast dedication to the CAI community requires a monumental tribute, and therefore, it would be appropriate to name our beautiful building in his honor. 
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