Eva Gidalowitz
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Eva Gidalowitz joined the Springfield community at the start of her high school career when her family relocated from Staten Island—and quickly became an integral member of the Congregation Israel’s Youth Department. A warm, inclusive Shabbos Youth Group leader, she has captured the hearts of the seven-and eight-year old girls for whom she serves as a role model for positive midot, as well as a sensitive confidante.
A senior at Bruriah High School, Eva serves as the Vice President of Chesed and is responsible for organizing numerous school-wide events. She is also the Director for the Envision Shakespeare team and participates in the tzedakah club, chesed choir, spirit team, school play, and the annual mother-daughter production. 
Significantly, Eva’s passion for chesed extends into the community, where she has volunteered at the JFS Food Pantry and Yad Leah, overseen fundraisers for underfunded communities in Eretz Yisrael, and organized several annual sock drives in memory of her brother Rafael Yehoshua, who passed away in 2018. 
Next year, Eva plans to attend seminary in Israel before beginning her undergraduate studies at Touro College, where she will be the recipient of a coveted academic scholarship. She looks forward to majoring in psychology and eventually working with children to help them navigate personal trauma.
Eva’s parents Fran and David inspired Eva’s love of chesed, and she is thankful to have been raised in a home that has been so focused on helping others. She also feels blessed to be one of nine children and to share a special relationship with each of her siblings.  
Eva is profoundly grateful to the Tammam family for selecting her to receive the Joseph Tammam Community Service Scholarship Award.
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