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EMUNAH, one of the largest social service agencies in Israel, provides sustenance, education and counselling to vulnerable and at-risk children and families. Emunah helps more than 10,000  Israeli's on a DAILY basis
through its interventional daycares and nurseries , schools, counselling centers, and residential homes.
Family in Israel is one of Emunah Canada’s primary fundraising events and ensures all our yearly commitments and projects are funded in Israel. This year, we are also focusing on raising funds for our GRADCO PROGRAM and Emunah's newly opened WOMEN'S SHELTER.
Newly Opened Women’s Shelter
The newly opened Emunah Women’s Shelter is the first of its kind for Emunah. It will be home to 32 women and their children, all of whom have suffered abuse within their family. What makes this shelter unique is that the women and children can benefit from the Emunah services that already exist in the area. Emunah’s professional staff provide all that the women and children need for day to day living, social and emotional support, and legal support in dealing with the various authorities.
The GRADCO Program
The GRADCO program, at Emunah’s Achuzat Sarah Children’s Home was developed in conjunction with Emunah Canada, to provide recent and upcoming graduates with advice and support in figuring out the next stage in their life. Typically, when our children graduate high school, they can count on guidance from their parents to help them figure out what comes next. As our Emunah children graduate from our homes, there is quite often no parental or family support. Not only does the GRADCO program offer guidance in making important decisions, but it is a healthy safe place where these graduates can always go when things go wrong. Thanks to the GRADCO program, graduates from Achuzat Sarah know that they are not alone and they have a place to go back to if they need extra love and support.
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