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Program Information
100% Raised of $500,000 Goal
Corporate Sponsor
Cross River Bank
Great Kosher Restaurant Foodies
Mentor $25,000
Debra and David Segal
Karen and Robert Spitalnick and Rena and Elliot Steigman
Renee and Steven Adelsberg
Bonnie and Jack Eizikovitz
Anne and Jerry Gontownik
Johanna Guttmann and Robert Herskowitz
Fran and Alan Hirmes
Heddy and Mendy Klein
Shelli and Paul Kuflik
Careena and Drew Parker
Michelle and Eli Salig
Lisa and Jonathan Schechter
Lillian and Morris Tabacinic
SPREAD the JOY $7,500
Debbie and Saul Bienenfeld
Irene and Andrew Goldberg
Naomi Rokosz
Be the CHANGE $5,000
Rabbi Hyman Z”L and Ann Arbesfeld
The Chana Michael Chapter
Drs. Gitta and Jack z.l. Nagel
Bari and Daniel Erber
Thalia and Danny Federbush
Liz and Josh Gindea
Henry Glenn
Joseph Harary
Shaynee and Marty Kessler
Esther and Paul Lerer
Cecelia and Rubin Margules
Naava and Jeffrey Parker
Melodie and Marty Scharf
Jay Schechter
Barbara and Gerry Schreck
Mindy and Muttie Stein
Beth and Ronald Stern
Carol and Joseph Tuchman
Lynn Sugarman and David Wisotsky
Myrna Zisman
QuaranTEAM $3,600
Shoshana Bleiberg
Tom and Debbie Furst
Evie and Alden Leifer
Sylvia and Arnold Schonfeld
Debra and Marvin Sternberg
Stay POSITIVE $2,500
Jacob and Leah Almo
Dr. David Arbesfeld
Pnina Arbesfeld
Shifra and Dani Bendheim
Maureen and Larry Eisenberg
Sondra and Martin Fisch
Irene and Robert Gottesman
Aryeh Levin
Chani and Simon Lichtiger
Lynn and Joel Mael
Kevin Malone
Karen and Eric Miller
David and Marnie Nagel
Phyllis and Mel Zachter
Debbie and Aron Zanger
L'CHAIM $1,800
Shari and Robert Alter
Barak Richter and Dror
Tamara and Joe Berkowitz
Cross River
Shelli and Harvey Dachs
Kenneth Eckstein
Jonas Ehrlich
Phyllis and Joseph Eisenman
Kolatch Family Foundation
Steven and Caron Gelles
Amy and Daniel Gibber
Hirt Giving Fund
Lenny and Estelle Glass
Ilana and Stuart Goldberg
Tamar and Eric Goldstein
Sora and Eli Grunstein
Lieve and Joseph Guttmann
David Hammerman
Cheryl and Lee Lasher
Eric Miller
Odit and Zach Oliner
Reva and Martin Oliner
Tali & Justin Pines
Vicki Deutsch and Gerald Platt
Yaron and Lisa Reich
Fran and Arnold Rochwarger
Dr. Lindsay and Rivki Rosenwald
Ronnie and Andy Schonzeit
Suri and Howard Katz, Pessi and Asher Reimer, and Tzivia and Ely a Singer
Sandy and Alex Solomon
Dr. Richard Stone
Joyce and Daniel Straus
Murielle Uretsky
Cathy and Allan Weiss
Lisa and David Zaslowsky
EMUNAH $1,000
J and R Affiliates Inc.
Rhonda and Jeff Avner
Chani and Michael Barenholtz
Blimi and Benjy Berger
Molly and Moshe Berkowitz
Rachel and Jacob Best
Esther and Ben Chouake
Botnick Family: Ashley, Zoey Diane & Leslie City of Hope
Jay and Faya Cohen
Gregory Corbin
Edward and Marilyn Croman
Adele and Larry Diener
Sandy and Jerry Seligsohn DSEL Properties
Toby and Larry Feder
Esther and Walter Feinblum
Hadasa and Ben Gelbtuch
Robin and Meir Gelman
Marcia Genuth
Georgette and Steven Gross
Linda and Mark Gruenbaum
Cheryl and Fred Halpern
Bob and Debbie Hartman
Abby and Scott Herschmann
Channah and Ronnie Hershman and Family
Doris Hirsch
Doba and Kalman Isaacs
Terri and Yitzi Karasick
Tammy and David Katz
Helen and Stan Klein
Daniel Knijnik and Family
Rochelle Kraut
Karen and Eddie Lifshitz
Ilana and Brian Lipman
Larry and Millie Magid
Iris and Shalom Maidenbaum
Brooklyn Region of Emunah
Elana and Rony Oved
Peggy and Philip Danishefsky
Mindy and Alan Peyser
Leyla and Daniel Posner
Rachie Shnay, LLC
Drs. Leon and Rosalie Reich
Arnold Rosen
Rosenberg & Steinmetz PC
Dr. Paul and Harriet Saperstein
Andrea and Robert Schechter
Shavy and Mark Schlossberg
Rena and Alan Schnall
Rose and Michael Schoffman
Beverly and Martin Segal
Suzanne and Robert Segal
Shari and David Shapiro
Cynthia Steinberger
Pamela and Michael Talansky
Moish and Judy Tuchman
Varghese Family
Rivkah and Noah Weg
Barbara and Alan Weichselbaum
Fran and Jerry Weinberg
Susan and Uri Weinstock
Ziv and Seri Diamond-Zamir
In this TOGETHER $720
Hannah-Jean and Bruce Brafman
Eve and Heshy Feldman
Eli and Greta Hirmes
Debra and Jonathan Joels
Becky and Avi Katz
Deena and Gilad Ottensoser
Perla and Gerardo Yablonovich
LIFEsaver $540
Anita Adler
Amanda Nussbaum and Daniel Laifer
Jenny and Moshe Buchman
Michael Chill
Marlene and Gerard Einhorn
Judy and Fred Farbman
Carol and Harold Finkel
Bernice Gelman
Beth and Mark Goldman
Susan and Kenneth Greif
Rabbi Kenneth and Nancy Hain
Freida and Michael Harris
Eva and Harold Hefter Hefter Dermatology
Eileen and Michael Kantrowitz
Malkie Klein Spitz
Chrzanower Young Mens Association
Michelle and Joel Orgel
Faye and Frederick Reichwald
Brenda and Alan Rubin
Tamar and Robert Scharf
Bonnie and Heshie Schertz
Harriet and Heshe Seif
Sharon and Brian Duftler
Steven Spector
Toni and Reuven Nayowitz
Nechama and Tuly V and N Realty Group
Sandy and George Wolberg
Self-QuaranTEAM $360
Susan and Michael Alon
Gila Alpert
Sophia Alpert
Ronny and Sheila Apfel
Sara Weinstock and Alex Aronov
Rachael Baratz
Steven Baruch
Sol and Zena Borg
Marcie and Ken Cappell
The Aliza Chapter
Cutting Edge Foods
Charlotte Dachs
Naomi and Aryeh Davis
Miriam Ellenberg
Sarah and Yossi Faber
Susan and Stephen Fine
Marcia and Andrew Freedman
Madeline Friedbauer
Ruth Gilad
Shirley Godis
Channa Goldstein
Yaakov Gorlin
Susan and Kenneth Greif
Esther Heller
Kim Heyman
Lee Holm
Deedee and Mark Honigsfeld
Arlene and Zvi Lefkovitz
Astrid and Mordy Leifer
Tiki Lyons
Madison Square Resolutions, Merchent Processing, Esther Schnitzer
Shira and Doug Marks
Jordanna and Marc Nadritch
Ronit and Joey Neiman
Sharon and David Rauch
Judith and Lawrence Roman
Sara and Richie Schlussel
Lisa and Yehuda Septimus
Sherri and Howard Slochowsky
Gloria and Ed Smith
Janet and Sholom Spitz
Gilla and Yitz Stern
Jennifer and Daniel Stern
Joclyn and David Stern
Esther and Baruch Weinstein
Nathalie Guttmann and Richard Wiener
Natalie Williams
Elaine and Morton Zinberg
Giving is CONTAGIOUS $180
Judy Abbe
Ayelet Tours
Gisele Beer
Judy and Martin Braun
Aidel and Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald
David and Charlotte Chasan
Sandra Davis
Shelly and Barry Dorf
Betty Ehrenberg
Chani and Shlomo Eisenberg
Cindy and Leeran Factor
Sandra Flamenbaum
Kelly and Scott Freishtat
Irwin Gasner
Melissa and Joshua Genet
Hayley and Mark Gerszberg
Goldstoff / InterSoft Associates, Inc.
The Gontownik Family
Felice and Arieh Greenbaum
Alison and Alex Hendeles
Abigail Hepner Gross
Jacqui Herman
Berti Herzka
Amy and Jordan Hiller
Malka and Menachem Husarsky
Rozy and Larry Jaffe
Esther and Mitchel Kaplan
Linda and Benjamin Kaufman
Rochie and Les Kirshenbaum
Roberta and George Klafter
Tema and Jeffrey Klausner
Chavie Kahn and Heshy Kofman
Faye and Steve Kollander
Alfred Koss
Rifkie and Uri Lerner
Etty and Sol Levy
Aliza and Shlomie Liechtung
Sandy and Bruce Lilker
Ann and Rudolph Lowy
Zachary Lyons
Autumn and Bruce Mael
The Nathan and Marilyn Silberman Foundation Trust
Valerie and Etan Mirwis and Family
Karen and Kenneth Mittel
Alice Moss
Sonja and Gary Nadritch
Nessia Gottlieb and Yosef Weinstock
Mindy and Henry Orlinsky
Jinny Pinsky
Sarah Rakowitz
Drorit Ratzker
Barbara and Joseph Rotenberg
Barbara and Joseph Rotenberg
Maren and Robbie Scharf
Rose Schreiber
Mimi and Ari Schreier
Esther and Simi Schwartz
Fanny Seinuk
Lindsay and Daniel Setton
Gerald Silverstein
Rachel Skydell
Ruth Stillman
Zohara Taragin
The Suit Lady
The Taksel Family
Marla Turk
Helen Weglein
Dorothy Weiss
Alvina and Steve Wesfield
Carl Wisotsky
Barbara Wohl
xxx xxx
Miriam Zohar
Young Leadership under 30 $54
Roberta Bendrihem
Lital Berger
Stuart Birnbaum
Estelle Bock
Steven Cohn
Merna Davidowitz
Robert Davis
Irena Einhorn
Mark and Debbie Fenster
Florence Fleschner
Arlene Fox
Batya Goodman
Esther and Nachman Goodman
Robert Grauman
Cheryl Greenbaum
Helen Greenberg
Manny Gross
Daniella Grumet
Henryka Haberman
Bina Hyman
Ruth Jacobwitz
Michael and Sharon Kaplowitz
Minna Kleid
Julius Kunofsky
Melvin Novogroder
Sarah and Jonathan Packer
Ella Post
Jonathan Reiss
Dalia Scheiner Horowitz
Brenda Schlanger
Mindy Schwartz
Pearl Schwartz
Arielle and David Setton
Noah and Shira Shaffer
Norma Silbermintz
Mindy Spiewak
Grace Weil- Esther Sturm
Renaldo Toporovsky
Vivian Wein
Joel Weinberger
Ruth Weinreich
Daren White
Mireille Wielgus
Esther Wolf
Aaron Yudin
Orlee and Steven Zaslowsky
Eli Zimmerman
Small Change Big Difference $36
Noami Antis
Miriam and Jeffrey Benkoe
Elisheva and Shalom Blumberg
Paula Cohen
Seena Cohen
Rachayle Deutsch
Susanne Dittler
Leah Ferber
Esther Fox
Ellen Frankel
Fredel Fruhman
Jeanette and Harry Fruhman
Neal Ginsberg
Cecily Ginsburg
Ava and Paul Greenberger
Helene Heisler
Lester Henner
Estelle Hershenov
Marisa Kest
Harriet Knobel
Raina, Yonatan, Tori, Leo Koren
Myrna Kosowsky
Eileen Lefkowitz
Joel Mandel
Morris Meisner
Clara Mermelstein
Fay Morgenstern
Marvin Nagler
Joan Novan
Michelle and Neil Osrof
Rose & Wolfgang Rauner
Miriam Rosen
Rita Rothenberg
Rose Samet
Erwin Schoenfeld
Richard Schubert
Shirley Sprung
Yacov and Yael Tendler
Danielle Truglio
Tili Tsour
Joseph Tuchman
Chaya Ugowitz
Rochelle & Benjamin Vinar
Rebecca Wittert
Eudice Zauderer
General Donation
Allan & Doris Adest
Linda Allen
Miriam Ambrose
Yetta Aminsky
Louis Arfe
Richard Auman
Stephen Bacon
Margot Baum
Joan Begun
Nathan and Nettie Berenholtz
Roseanne Berko
Gittie Berkowitz
Rachel Berstein
Chantelle and David Bibi
Janet Bienenfeld
Marvin Bienenfeld
Feige Blachorsky
Judy and Marty Braun
Esther Braunstein
Josh and Simone Broide
Eleanor Bukowsky
Muth Charitable Fund
Gemilat Chessed Fund
Charles Cohen
Helen Cohen
Susan Cohen
Vivian Creizman
Betty Daniel
Cheryl and Edward Dauber
Sally Dyckman
Sara and Adam Ehrenreich
Eli Swed
The Bacall Family Fund
Rita Farbowitz
Avi Federgrun
Eli Feit
Gitty Flamenbaum
Faith Fogelman
Chaim Fortgang
Charnee Frank
Fran and Phil Friedman
Simon Friedman
Gerald and Joyce Fruchter
Fran Ganz
Rachel Gelnick
David Goldenberg
Elaine Goldman
Sandra Chass Goldsmith
Anne Goldstein
Neil Golombeck
Ralph Green
Freda Greenbaum
Evelyn Greenberg
Miriam and Sheldon Greenberg
Leah Greenfield
Judith Greenwald
Irving Grossman
Joyce Hacker
Suzanne Hanau
Helene and Elliott Shoenfeld
Leah Herzfeld
Jacob Hiller
Leonard Hirsch
Rebecca Hoschander
Howard Jacobs
Gila and Josh Jaffe
Herbert Jaffe
Howard Jaison
Judy Fried
Altie Karper
Malka Katzenstein
Linda and Aaron Kinsberg
Miriam Klein
Rebecca and Boaz Kohn
Gila Kolb
Robin and Dave Konciak
Renee Laifer
Helene Landa
Philip Landau
Judith Landsberg
Helen Laufer
Leibish Laufer
Leah And Zvi Klein
Sandra Lebowitz
Charlotte Leibler
Harriet Lew
Suzy and Elly Libin
Rebecca and Eric Lifshitz
Blanche Lovett
Steve Lowenkron Trtee
Iris Margolin
Ira Mermelstein
Ruth Merrill
Gail Miller
Reva Miller
Sally Muschel
Jeanette Neeman
Henry Netzer
Isaac Neumann
Akiva Newman
Frieda and Victor Oelbaum
Temple Beth Tikvah Of Greenacres Inc.
Ethel Orlian
Miriam and Sandy Pauker
Paul Peskowitz
Ruchi and Mordy Pluchenik
Shirley Rapps
Chester Ringel
Betty Rosenfeld
Fern Rosenfeld
Gloria Rosenfeld
Hannah Rosner
Estelle Rothenberg
Molly and Joe Rothstein
Doris Rottenberg
Sarah Roz
Helen Rubin
Andrea Sanders
Shirley Sanders
Marilyn Sapir
Stephen Savitt
Shirley Schachter
Marty and Caroline Schloss
Arline Schwechter
Alan Secter
Henie Septimus
Pearl Shaps
Alice Sheinwald
Leor Siri
Lisa and Mark Slomovits
Ellen Smith
Steven Sokol
Ira Spodek
Lisa & Seth Stavsky
Louis Sternlicht
Aaron Stiefel
Lisa and Ari Sugarman and Family
Howard Taber
Zahava Tanen
Phyllis and Stanley Tanzer
Reni Tepper
Paul Trenk
Bertha Trepp
Eileen Wagshul
Ann Wallach
Helen Weg
Mordechai Weinstein
Rosa Linda Weiss
Sheila Weissman
Rabbi David Winter
Neal Wohlmuth
June Yarmush
Hanna Youssian
Hanna Zehnwirth
Necha Zeilingold
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