This year our beloved Etz Chaim is celebrating a major milestone - our  twenty-fifth anniversary.  Twenty-five years of service to our community.  Twenty-five years of leading the way and setting the gold standard of synagogue life.  From humble beginnings in our original home to our beautiful campus today,  we have grown by leaps and bounds. 
We ask you you to join us in celebration and recognition as we honor Jane and Mark Wilf for their incomparable efforts on behalf of Etz Chaim for so many years.  Please support our campaign and help us continue to grow for the next twenty-five years.  Our future is bright and we have much to accomplish.
Jane and Mark Wilf and Family
Mark and Jane Wilf are recognized supporters and leaders of numerous charitable organizations and represent the vanguard of Jewish leadership in this country. They have lent their leadership talents and energies to a variety of Jewish communal and secular endeavors. Continue reading
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