Virtual Journal Ad Information
The importance of supporting the Ad Journal
Money raised from the Ad Journal helps fund outstanding programming and essential scholarships for our students.
Virtual Journal Benefits
For the school, there are obvious benefits to having a Virtual Journal - it is environmentally friendly and allows more money to go towards programming and scholarship.  However, there are also many benefits from the perspective of a sponsor and allows for much greater ad exposure than a print journal.
  • The Virtual Ad Journal will be screened on large screens at the school dinner.
  • The Journal will be available online for viewing for an entire year to anyone who visits the school website.
  • Google and other search engines will pick up sponsor ads, increasing sponsor visibility on the web.
  • Viewers will be able to link to a business’s website through their business logo or camera ready ad.
  • Sponsors can conveniently submit their ads anytime online.
Ad Specifications  
All ads (except listings) are sized Full Page. Ad levels are distinguished by category heading.
Camera ready ad graphics should be sized 1000px (width) by 670px (height).  They are reproduced best in a horizontal orientation and should be sent as a .jpg or .gif.  PDFs cannot be accepted.
Business Cards can be submitted at any level (except listing) and are considered camera ready ad graphics and should follow the specs above.  In addition, we cannot guarantee the quality of a scanned business card and request that they be sent to us in electronic format.
Logos: When placing a text ad, you have the option of including a logo with your text.
Camera ready ad graphics, logos, or business cards should be emailed to Liz Liss in .jpg or .gif format
How to submit ads:
The best way to submit ads, and to register for the dinner as well, is online at You will receive an email receipt as soon as you complete the registration.
If you prefer to use hard copy, ad forms are available in the Office of Development at the Upper School campus or may be downloaded here. Please complete the ad blank and mail with a check payable to Golda Och Academy, or you may include your credit card information on the form.
Mail to: GOA Office of Development, 1418 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052.
Buying more than one ad:
You may buy ads and/or tickets on the registration form. However, if you would like to purchase more than one ad, please register for each one separately.
For more information or assistance, contact:
Liz Liss, Ad Journal Coordinator: (732) 594-7511; [email protected]
Stephanie Bash Soudry, Office of Development: (973) 602-3612; [email protected]
Earn back $$$!
Current parents can earn back up to $750 of their tuition payment by selling ads. You will receive dollar for dollar credit on any ads you sell, up to $750. In addition, selling more ads than that helps raise needed funds for our school!
Who to solicit
Businesses - doctors, contractors, hairdressers, restaurants, etc. - let them know about all the expanded exposure they will be getting! See benefits above.
Grandparents, Relatives, and Friends - explain to them the importance of supporting the journal, suggest they send a mazel tov to a GOA student or show their appreciation for a teacher, volunteer, or you!
How to solicit ads
The best way is to ask for ads in person and explain the purpose of the journal and the benefits to them. If you can't ask in person, then you can either send a personal email with the link to the online ad form, or a personal note with a hard copy ad form and return envelope.
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