Spring Gala 2019 Leadership • June 4, 2019

Susie and Howard Bruch
Rachel Schwarz ‘87 and Marc Schiffman
Sara Bucholtz ‘87 and Rabbi Adam Feldman

Michele and Jeff Landau
Sheryl and Sam Pearlstein

Rebecca Berman
Lisa Mechanick
Reisha Goldman ‘98
Committee Members
(in formation)
Karen and Cliff Aaron
Dr. Miriam Linver and Dr. Matt Askin
Cindi and Amir Barash
Michelle and Bruce Berger
Andrea Bergman
Scott, Jonah ‘20, Ari ‘21
and Aliza ‘24 Bieber
Leza and Eric Bieber
Amy and Jeremy Biloon
Mindy and Evan Blum
Joanne and Elliot Bramnick
Mitch, Zachary ‘14 and Jordan ‘16 Broder
Adina Jacobson ‘90 and Alex Brodsky
Heather and Seth Brown
Joan and Harvey Bucholtz
Nomi and Harold Colton-Max
Dr. Ada Beth and Dr. Chuck Cutler
Roni Jacobson ‘89 and David Feldman
Jane Felton
Amy Borg Glickman
Marion Jacobson
Miriam Lefkowitz and Marc Heimowitz
Shira Jacobson ‘85 and David Libchaber
Debbie and Steve Nadel
Andrea Olitzky and Rabbi Jesse Olitzky ‘02
Joanie Schwarz and Don Rosenthal
Caren and Larry Rothenberg
Mindy ’97 and Alan Schall ‘92
Judy and Adam Schlesinger
Sharon and Jimmy Schwarz
Alette and Keith Slobodien
Amy and Ira Steinberg
Shari-Beth and Jeff Susskind
Ilana and Skip Vichness
Gayle and Larry Wieseneck
Helene and Gary Wingens
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