Crown Leadership Award
Crown Service Award
Educator of the Year
During this crucial year, ICJA students volunteered in Israel, fundraised for Israeli troops and causes, davened, performed acts of chesed, engaged in mitzvot and learning, marched in Chicago and in Washington DC, lobbied, educated themselves and others, and increased their love for Klal Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael.  ICJA empowered students during these crucial journeys.
Laura and David Allswang - Beth and Bradley Alter - Lynn and Alfred Altschul - Susan and Joseph Ament - Suzanne and William Auerbach - Natan Azaraf - Robin and Yossi Azaraf - Elana and Dr. Hyim Baronofsky - Joan Bellows - Allison and Yoni Bellows - Yarona and Shlomoh Ben-David - Jane and Edward Best - Jennifer and Tomer Bitton - Bluma and Rabbi Yishai Broner - Gila Bronner - Haim Chasman - Crain Mailing Foundation - Crown Family - Yisraela and Dr. Avy Dachman - Judy and Michael Daniels - Gail and Craig Darlow - Talia and Isaac Dayan - Debra and David Dobkin - Sally and Arthur Dordek - Debra and Daniel Eisenstein - Dr. Shana and Steve Erenberg - Andy Ernstein - Dr. Naomi and Scott Fretzin - Drs. Laura Beth Schneiderman and Dr. Benjamin Friedman - Miriam and Jon Friedman - Linda and Larry Friedman - Liz and David Geifman - Barbara and Dr. Steven Geller - Sharon and Seymour Gertz - Mashie and Stanford Gertz - Daniela and Jacques Glikesberg - Dr. Sharon Sholiton and Jeffrey Goldberger - Gina and Joseph Gottesman - Janet and Maynard Grossman - Tira and Moishe Gubin - Marc Halpert - Barbara and George Hanus - Penina and Mark Hartman - Debra and Robert Hartman - Laurie and Bernard Hasten - Terri and Andrew Herenstein - Andrea and Moe Herman - Sue and Larry Hochberg - Connie and Dr. Alan Kadish - Drs. Amy and Guy Kaissar - Andre Katz - Orah and Lev Katz - Mati and Ira Kirsche - Deni and Dr. Kevin Kirshenbaum - Debra Korman - Rochelle and Rabbi Stanley Kroll - Edy and Jacob Kupietzky - Elizabeth and Stephen Landes - Harry and Sadie Lasky Foundation - Erica and Josh Legum - Roslyn Lennon - Shari Helft Lennon and William Lennon - Aviva and Nathan Lichtenstein - Amy and Josh Lowenstein - Tanya and Chaim Lubin - Wendy and Jonathan Margolin - Susan and Ronnie Masliansky - Dr. Aviva and James Matanky - Margaret and Rabbi Leonard Matanky - Judy and Albert Milstein- Phyllis and Stuart Muller - Bernice Novick - Michael Nussbaum - Andrea and David Polster - Julia Ratner and Yevgeniy Rabinovich - Yael and Kenny Ripstein - Bonnie and Sy Rosen - Amy and Howard Rosenburg - Jennie and Avi Rothner - Helen and Dr. Marc Rubenstein - Annette and Jacob Saltzman - Keryn and Dr. David Schreiber - Miki and Shmuel Schreiber - Sharyn and Daniel Schwartz - Lynn and Irvin Shapiro - Leslie and Thomas Silverstein - R'Marianne Novak and Dr. Noam Stadlan - Tammy and Michael Sugar -Julie and Nathan Thomas - Brenda and Max Wasserman - Chavie and Michael Weiss - Linda and Stanley Weissbrot - Chellie and Dr. Yankee Wilensky - Debbie and Rabbi Shabsai Wolfe - Zell Family Foundation 
*List in formation 
ICJA is an affiliate of the Associated Talmud Torahs and a partner with JUF in serving our community.
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