Sara Haimoff
Eishet Chayil Award
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Sara Haimoff grew up just a few miles away in Cedarhurst, NY.  She attended HAFTR, Stern College and received her Masters at The School of Visual Arts. Sara has 15 years of experience as a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in schools, camps, special needs and mental health settings. She currently works for Gateway Counseling Center and enjoys teaching Mommy and Me classes both in Chabad’s Levi Yitzchak Library and the JCAB local community.  Since moving here in 2015, Sara has taken an active role in the JCAB and the greater Atlantic Beach community with involvement in youth programming, recruiting new young families, organizing meal trains, clothing drives, and food pantry collections. Sara and Rabbi Dr. Saul and their four children, Yosef, Etan, Adir and Talia, feel blessed to be an integral part of the JCAB family and treasure the friendships they have made here.
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