“The crown of elders is grandchildren,
and the glory of children is their parents.”
Mishlei 17:6
JKHA/RKYHS thanks the
GRANDPARENTS who realize the precious nature of the religious
and general education of their grandchildren.
List in formation
Proud Great-Grandparents 
Harriet and George Blank - Jonah and Max Zeffren and Leah Blank
Maralyn Friedman - Ma’ayan, Erez and Nitzan Kotel
Gladys Halpern - Jasmine, Brianna and Ashton Halpern
Dorothy Silver - David, Shalom and Tamar Bochner and Asher, Isaac and Samson Einalhori 
Marilyn Stadtmauer - Nathan, Benjamin, Max, James and Annie Orbach and Haley Pianko
Proud Grandparents 
Gladys and Yehuda Azulay - Abby, Maya and Jordyn Stein
Shelley and Barry Babich - Daphne, Hannah, Nahva and Reina Babich
Edith and Bruno Bank - Dani, Maya, Talia, Aiden and Aliza Bank
Harriet and George Blank - Jessica, Adam, Josh and Danny Blank, Jonah and Max Zeffren and Leah Blank
Sandra and Howard Blank - Jonah and Max Zeffren and Leah Blank
Eileen and Barry Blutig - Ella, Julia, and Max Mordekai
Judy and Victor Botnick - Jacob, Rachel, Maya and Isaac Mendelson, Allie, Andrew and Sammy Mayer 
Debbie and Dr. Jeffrey Chustckie Leah Blank
Loren and Stuart Daitch - Orli Daitch
Susan and Arthur Degen - Josh, Eliana, Alexandra and Emma Degen
Linda and Barry Diamond - Sophie, Lea and Abigail Diamond
Lois and David Dranikoff - Shiri Berger
Mina and David Frank - Michal and Yael Fink
Maralyn Friedman - Matthew and Jordan Friedman, Sam, Jenny (Klatt) Siscovick, Jonathan and David Klatt, and Ma'ayan, Erez and Nitzan Kotel
Ilana and Howard Gases - Rebecca Maslansky
Sam and Annie Goldfischer - Haddie and Max Newcombe
Edna and David Goodman - Liat, Tal and Shai Wasserman and Yair and Amir Coleman
Ilene and Jeffrey Greenbaum - Dani, Maya, Talia, Aiden and Aliza Bank and Julie, Brody and Joey Weinberg
Susan and Ira Greenstein - Gabriella and Shaun Greenstein
Gladys Halpern - Audrey, Nathaniel and Gabriel Halpern and Jasmine, Brianna and Ashton Halpern 
Sharon and David Halpern - Jasmine, Brianna and Ashton Halpern 
Doris and Jay Hartman - Aliza, Daniel and Elisheva Rosenrauch
Gail and Dr. Mark Hausdorff - Liza Fellus and Serena, Owen and Alexis Turk
Michele and G.R. Homa - Elijah Shmulewitz
Eva and Ivan Horak - Talya and Yonatan Nativ
Evelyn Jakabovics - Julia, Jamie, Layla and Daniela Lyons 
Susan and Sam Joffe - Caleb and Livia Joffe
Tina and Alan Kalischer - Jeremy Eisenberg
Susan and Michael Karpoff - Isaac and Rayna Schwartz
Cynthia Kestenbaum - Jayden and Hannah Rosenfeld
Wendy Rosenblatt and Gary Koesten - Jasmine, Brianna and Ashton Halpern 
Seryl and Charles Kushner - Nathan, Benjamin, Max, James and Annie Orbach 
Drs. Helen and Jeffrey Lichtman - Benjamin, Hanna, Joey and Sheryl Esses
Carol and Robert S. Marcus - Zachary and Judah Marcus
Laurie and Aaron Margolies - Meira, Shayna, Eli and Shoshana Waldstreicher 
Berta Mermelstein - Abigail, Naomi, Jonah and Nathan Klein
Ivan Nelson - Gabe, Jacob and Molly Nelson
Avrille Nussbaum - Zachary, Noah and Isabella Younger
Roberta Ostrow - Minna Ostrow
Brenda and David Pianko - Haley Pianko
Beverly and Bob Rabinowitz - Chaya, Ayal and Orli Hirsch
Meyer Reichman - Ethan and Noah Sinnreich and Naomi and Dahlia Reichman
Fern and Samuel Rosenfeld - Abigail, Simon, Eve and Daniel Rosenfeld and Jayden and Hannah Rosenfeld
Barbara Rotenberg - Benjamin, Joshua and Yehuda Wittenberg
Chavie and Ira Roth - Orli Daitch
Carolyn and Rabbi Eliezer Rubin - Isaac, Asher and Samson Einalhori
Robin Samot - Benjamin Samot
Judith and Bernard Schanzer - Chana, Jacob and Rachel Rutner
Caryn and Sam Schweitzer - Lucy, Emma and Caleb Sokolowski
Liliya Shikh - Madison Tesker
Cheryl and Aaron Shmulewitz - Elijah Shmulewitz
Tova Silberman - Esther, Isaac and Zev Nusbaum
Sibyl Silver - Marinella Silver 
Davida and Gary Stadtmauer - Haley Pianko
Marilyn Stadtmauer - Daena (Bloom) Greene, Lauren (Bloom) Silverman, Jason Bloom and Jeremy Bloom; Dara (Kushner) Orbach, Jared Kushner, Nicole (Kushner) Meyer and Joshua Kushner; Ethan Stadtmauer, Julianna (Stadtmauer) Schwartz, Alex Stadtmauer, Matthew Stadtmauer and Koby Stadtmauer; Jamie Stadtmauer, Tali (Stadtmauer) Steckler and Lindsay (Stadtmauer) Pianko; Nathan, Benjamin, Max, James and Annie Orbach and Haley Pianko 
Judy and Rabbi Sholom Steinig - Diana and Samson Bazian
Elkie and Paul Trenk - Elliot, Ethan and Rebecca Trenk
Gina and Philip Vinick - Etta and Judah Vogel
Sandi and Dr. Stuart Waldstreicher - Meira, Shayna, Eli and Shoshana Waldstreicher 
Susan and Abba Warshaw - Carmela, Eva, Eiden and Kaylie Warshaw
Efrat and Richard Weisfield - Zachary and Sara Freedman
Rosalyn and Arie Wilensky - Yakira, Lia and Daniela Goldenthal
Ilene Wolff - Avner and Shai Levenson
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