Natalie and David Batalion
Guests of Honor
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David comes from Brookline Massachusetts. David went to Maimonides and Yeshiva University. He now serves as Managing Director at Cantor Fitzgerald. Natalie grew up in Montreal. She went to McGill and received an MBA from Fordham University in New York. She works in Marketing at the JCC on the Upper West Side. Natalie and David live on the Upper West Side with their three children who go to Manhattan Day School where they receive a Jewish education. They also attend many activities and classes at the JCC. David and Natalie are very devoted to their community and are active members of West Side Institutional Synagogue. David and Natalie strive to teach their children the importance of giving back and being part of the Jewish community. They are actively involved in many charitable organizations. 
Natalie began her involvement with Manhattan Jewish Experience after meeting a friend who was a part of the MJE community. She heard about MJE's summer Israel trip and jumped on the chance to join. The experience of the Israel trip meant so much to her and Natalie fell in love with MJE. She began going to the shul where she was always greeted with a smile and a warm face. She felt the connection and love from MJE right off the bat. Natalie introduced David to MJE after she was involved and since then have been continuing to support the organization. 
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