Tovah and Josh Marmer
Guests of Honor
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Tovah and Josh first met at MJE in 2006 on Sh’mini Atzeret, where each attended services at MJE with no plans for lunch. Separately, they were invited by Jill and Rabbi Wildes to join their already packed table in the sukkah on 86 th street. While patiently waiting for additional chairs to be brought in, Tovah and Josh got to talking…and the rest, they say, is (Jewish) history. While the commentaries may differ on exactly what transpired next, it wasn’t long before Tovah and Josh were committed, active members of the vibrant MJE community, and were married under the officiating of Rabbi Jonathan Feldman and Rabbi Wildes in the summer of 2008. MJE was their home base for learning, celebrating, and overall synagogue life until they moved out of the city years later.Tovah was born at LIJ Hospital and grew up in Bayside, Queens before immigrating to Great Neck. She was a graduate of North Shore Hebrew Academy and went to high school at Ramaz. Tovah spent her gap year at Machon Gold, a seminary for girls in Mea She’arim. Post Jerusalem, she returned to Queens College where she studied Speech and Language pathology and then continued to earn her masters at the MGH Insititute of Health Professionals in Boston. Tovah then worked in private practice, helping young children with speech, language and reading difficulties. More recently, Tovah volunteers extensively at North Shore Hebrew Academy and Great Neck Synagogue. Tovah found MJE through a childhood friend. She was looking to find inspiration and reconnect with Orthodox Judaism – and potentially connect with someone for her future.

Josh was born at North Shore Hospital in Manhasset, but spent most of his childhood growing up in Andover, Massachusetts. A product of the Andover public school system, Josh earned his BA in Economics from the University of Michigan, using his degree to pursue a career in theater and film. After multiple roles waiting tables, bartending, and appearing at the occasional trade show as Mr. Potato Head, Josh finally found his niche in recruiting and is now a Partner at the digital media and technology recruiting firm, AC Lion. Josh was introduced to MJE through MJE East’s high holiday services and was encouraged to attend his first ever Simchat Torah dancing by a friend. Enamored by the warmth, accessibility, and inclusiveness of the MJE staff and community, Josh went on to participate in weekly classes and ski and spring retreats, and eventually became a student in the MJE Fellowship Program with Rabbi Pinny.

Tovah and Josh currently live in Great Neck, NY, and are the proud parents of daughters Jacqueline, Michaela, and Violet who each attend North Shore Hebrew Academy. They are surrounded by family and a thriving, diverse Jewish community, and are members of the Great Neck Synagogue. Tovah and Josh are excited to represent MJE in the greater Modern Orthodox community as active alumni and supporters of the best Jewish experience in Manhattan.

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