Adam Elkaim
Student of the Year
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Originally from Scarsdale, NY, Adam Elkaim moved to Manhattan in 2018 after graduating from Brandeis University. Growing up in a Conservative Jewish household, Adam's connection to his Jewish heritage took on new depths during the pandemic.  As he embarked on a journey to deepen his religious observance, Adam stumbled upon Rabbi Wildes’ Wednesday Night classes at the Manhattan Jewish Experience (MJE).
Adam has been an active MJE community member for almost two years, and completed the Norman Lamm Fellowship in 2023. Since finding MJE, his passion for Torah, devotion to HaShem, and sense of kinship with his fellow Jews have flourished exponentially. Supported by the nurturing rabbis, staff, and friends at MJE, Adam finds immense joy in continuing his Torah learning at Senior Fellowship classes with Rabbi Pinny and with his chavruta Rabbi Kevin, hosting uplifting Shabbat meals, and serving as Gabbai at MJE Shabbat morning services.
Adam is endlessly grateful to Hashem and the MJE community members that enhanced his Jewish journey and religious growth.
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