Chani Perlman
MJE Torah Educator Award
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Originally from Parsippany, New Jersey, Chani grew up in a home filled with Jewish pride and Torah observance. She studied for two years at Midreshet Moriah in Jerusalem. Upon returning, Chani completed her BA in Judaic Studies from Stern College and earned a Master’s degree in Jewish Education from the Azrieli Graduate School. Soon after graduating from college, Chani was approached by Rabbi Mark Wildes to volunteer as a tutor for several women who were interested in individualized learning as part of a Jewish outreach organization that he had just launched called Manhattan Jewish Experience.  This endeavor of fostering the learning of interested, but inexperienced young adult Jewish men and women eventually expanded to form MJE’s One on One learning program that for many years boasts over 50 learning pairs annually. Besides One on One learning, Chani has been instrumental in other MJE programs such as conducting  semi-annual community Shabbaton retreats and promoting the MJE scholars program whereby MJE students are connected with Rabaiim and Scholars from Yeshivas and Seminaries in Israel as a means to advance their Jewish studies in Israel.  For the past two decades, Chani has taught Judaic studies in local Yeshiva Day schools. Throughout these years, she dedicated her extracurricular time to numerous Jewish organizations including, YUSSR, Bais Ezra and HASC.


After so many years at MJE, Chani remains as dedicated as ever towards the mission of fostering a greater connection to Torah Judaism for those of all backgrounds who are seeking a closer relationship with Hashem. She is so grateful to Rabbi Mark and Jill Wildes for their visionary leadership in the field of Jewish outreach and is proud to be a part of MJE’s important mission. Chani now lives in Bergenfield, New Jersey with her husband, Alan. They are the proud parents of their beautiful children; Donny, Margalit, Akiva, Rivka, and Eli.

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