Victor Samuelsen
CEO, Samco Group LLC
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Victor Samuelsen has been a dedicated champion of the NYC Norwegian community since his arrival in America from Norway in the early 70s. Over the years, he has pursued successful careers in shipping and  tourism (including founding a NYC helicopter sightseeing company), and other ventures. However, his passion lies in supporting other Norwegians and showcasing their contributions to America.

As a long-standing active member of the Norwegian Seamans Church, Victor focuses on cultural and community events to support the church and enrich the community. He started an annual May 17th celebration, beginning with a cruise around Manhattan, which at its peak had 800+ guests. Today, the celebration includes a massive street party on 52nd street and an exclusive fundraising lobster lunch on the church terrace. Some activities are free, while others provide needed funds to keep the traditions going. Victor also stepped in as Chairman of Det Norske Selskab and managed the Miss Norway contest for approximately 10 years as well as joining with others in the founding committee for the Norwegian Immigrations Association. The King and Queen even attended the opening of the Norwegian Immigration exhibition on Ellis Island.
Victor helped create the Trygve Lee gallery to showcase Norwegian artists and sponsored a 50-piece marching brass band from his hometown of Farsund to march in the May 17th parade in Brooklyn NY.
 In addition to nurturing Norwegian music, art, heritage, and community, Victor also supports Norwegian athletes. He and his wife Jannet opened their home to Norwegian rowers attempting to break the world record for crossing the Atlantic in a rowboat.

Victor arranged for 90-year-old Olympic medalist, Ole Hegge to return to Norway at no cost.

Mr. Hegge was honored by his hometown with a museum in his name, home coming dinner celebration at the Sonia Hennie Museum, as well as being treated for lunch by King Harald at the castle in Oslo. All by suggestions of Victor.

Victor recently assisted another senior WW2 veteran from Brooklyn NY return to his hometown one more time with free flights and accommodations so that he could celebrate his 100th birthday there together with his family.

Victor's connections in the business world give him the status of influencer in today's world. He willingly shares his contacts and has helped colleagues launch careers and businesses. He has sponsored the majority of members into the exclusive Torske Klubben, a monthly lunch club reserved for local Norwegian of finance, shipping, industry, and government. Its members range from CEOs to Ambassadors.

Currently, Victor is working on a project with a Norwegian corporation to introduce a novel use of drones to rescue man overboard in the cruise and offshore industry as well as protection against modern smuggling and piracy.

Victor lives in Greenwich CT with his wife, Jannet. She is an attorney.
They have two children, Andrea and Lene. Both married. Andrea recently gave birth to a baby boy.

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