The Viking Association
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The Viking Association History

The Viking Association of the New York City Police Department was founded in 1958 by its President Emeritus, Lieutenant Earling Johansen. The name Viking was selected because of the identification of its membership with their ancestors hailing from the Nations of Scandinavia.  The Viking Association’s bylaws provide that membership is open to individuals currently active or retired from the New York City Police Department. Active membership is limited to those who can trace an ancestral bond to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Iceland.  Associate members are welcome.
Over the years the Viking Association has been involved in many events and projects.  The Viking Association has stood as Honor Guard to the present and former Kings of Norway during their last visits to New York City in 1975, 1995 and 2000.   The Vikings were guest of the United States Ambassador to Norway, Loret Miller Ruppe at the annual Ambassador’s reception held at the U.S. Embassy in Norway in 1992.   The Viking Association has marched in 1988, 1989 and 1992 with the Norwegian Royal Guard in the annual parade to celebrate American Independence held on the fourth of July in Oslo, Norway.  The Vikings were invited guests of the Mayor of Oslo, Ann Maret Saebones to a private dinner party held with government officials at the Holmenkollen.  The Viking Association has marched in the Swedish National Parade formerly held in New York City’s Lower Manhattan. The Viking Association annually marches and works on the Parade committee of the Brooklyn, New York Sytten De Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day) Parade presently celebrating its 50th anniversary.  The Vikings have participated in the annual Danish Seaman’s Church Christmas celebration held in Downtown Brooklyn, N.Y. In 2015, during the last trip that the Vikings took to Norway they spent some time with the Norwegian Police department.
The Viking Association organized a demonstration by the Swedish Military Police, Motorcycle Drill Team, “Armes Legon” of precision motorcycle riding for Police families during their 1989 visit to the United States.  The Viking Association held an active role in the 1994 good will “Trans American Ride” in which an active member of the Oslo Mounted Police rode a Police horse from Brooklyn, New York to Seattle, Washington. The Organization has also been involved in supporting and making visits to Scandinavian Nursing and Children homes in our area.
The N.Y.P.D. Viking Association are members of the N.Y.P.D. Committee of Police Societies and holds a proud association with the Sons of Norway and International Police Association. The Viking Association offers College Scholarship awards annually to members and their families. The Vikings hold a holiday dinner dance every December and a Sytten De Mai Barbecue in May. The annual Viking Olympics and Hammer Throw contest is held in late September.  Regular membership meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Nansen Sons of Norway lodge on Staten Island, New York.
Throughout the years the Viking Association has held the reputation of being a proud, close-knit and well-respected voice within the Police Department. Its small size remains a strength as it assures its membership an opportunity to be heard. The N.Y.P.D. Viking Association’s prime objective is to promote comradeship, benevolence and goodwill among its Membership, Department and Community.

The current president of the NYPD Vikings is Deputy Inspector Jason Hagestad, Commanding Officer at the 66th Precinct in Brooklyn.

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