One Camp One Heart
An Evening Celebrating the Impact of Jewish Camp with Ambassador Gilad Erdan
April 3, 2024
7pm - Moise Safra Center
130 E 82nd Street, New York, NY 10028
Karyn & Charles Bendit
Harry S. Feller Award
Benjamin Bendit Family Award
Ambassador Gilad Erdan
Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations
About NJY Camps

NJY Camps is comprised of four residential camps (Camps Nesher, Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake, and Teen Camp), a dynamic special needs inclusion program (Round Lake), and teen travel including a four-week Israel trip. We serve over 3,000 children yearly from across all Jewish denominations and, thanks to generous supporters, provide over $2 million in annual scholarship.
At NJY Camps, we create immersive and inclusive Jewish camp experiences. Our programs are designed to help young people grow, learn, and transform into the best version of themselves, all while fostering a strong sense of community, Jewish identity, and connection to Israel. 
One Camp One Heart is NJY Camps' major fundraiser providing support to our programs, scholarship fund, and facility improvements. Thank you for partnering with us to secure the Jewish future. 
Bruce Tucker, GPS
Paula Gottesman
Rosalyn & Bruce Nussman
The Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Bendit Family
AMSkier Insurance
Stephen & Sharon Seiden
Selter Family
Stacie, Barry, Hayley, Abbie and Jesse Friedman
Sherry and Doron Steger
Taconic Investment Partners
Jeff Braverman and Family
Capital Security Investigations
Ilene & Michael Schlank
David & Tamar Volosov
Meryl & Aaron Chaitovsky
Natan and Sara Blutinger Charitable Foundation
Dan Hayward Novak Strategic Advisors
The Dime Bank
Vacavia Cottages & Cabins
Camp America
Como Pizza
Ehrenkranz Partners
Exterior Construction Services LLC
NJY Camps Fulltime Staff
Suzanne Albin & Robert Tucker
Bendit Weinstock, PA
Marc Goldberg and AJ Stone Camp Trunk Delivery
Shelley & Ruvan Cohen
Comerchero Family
Yakov and Aviva Cynamon
Lisa Epstein
Elliot & Rabbi Joan Forchheimer & Family
Frank H. Lehr Associates & the Adelsohn Family
GMS Funding Solutions
Merle & Marty Kalishman
Michael Katz & Sandra Kurinsky
Stephanie & Shneur Nathan
NJY Camps Monthly Givers
Lawrence Rein
Susan and John Salsberg & Family
Robyn & Alan Samuels
Chani & Mark Segall
Johnny & Alana Shlagbaum
Yudi & Shira Teichman
Alissa & Ross Weil
Aboudara Family
Howard and Leslie Chatzinoff
Cousins Judy and Gary, Irene and Rich, Maxine and Ken
Debra & Yisroel Daitchman & Family
Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.
Barbara & Joseph Hollander
Shara & David Israel
Jeffrey Halper JH Paper Company
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Kappe Associates Inc.
Janie, Carol, Mandy & Julia Katz
Main Street Florist
Sharon & Steve Nachman
Elana & Amrom Obstfeld
Tavezio (H&H Purchasing)
The Camp Spot
The Eastman Family
Dan, Julie, Ruthie, Joey, and Tali Vogel
Sharon Wieder
Seth & Margo Bader
Barbara Woller & Sabrina Bernath
Aryn & Ken Barer
Aliza and Bradley Baskir
Ellyn Berkowitz (Linnetz)
Ruth and Stuart Birnbaum
Eli & Meryl Blisko
Fran & Josh Chesir
Faye & Doron Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Winfield
Tracy English
Jay & Arlene Goldberg
Yael and Jonathan Green
Sheri & Fred Grunseid
Joyce Heller
Jeff Horowitz
Ivy Oaks Tick & Mosquito Control
JCC of Central New Jersey
Toby & Abe Kalker
Heather & Darren Klein & Family
Mariah & Avi Kozlowski
Levi & Rachel Lazarus
Michael & Cindy Levy
Adina and Les Lipson
Marisa Drive Delivers
Jerome Meyer
Bracha and Moshe Ollech
Dorienne & Benjamin Planer
Cheli and Yoni Pollak
Envision Theater LLC, Rebecca Lopkin
Kenneth Reichner
Riki and Red Rimberg
Matthew & Lisa Root
Arye & Charline Rubinstein
Ilana & Rob Saposh
Nancy & Richard Schiff
Michael & Amy Schwartz
Dina & Eitan Selter
Alissa & Howie Shams
Randi & Michael Silvermintz
Karen & Marvin Sperling
Anne Tursky
Weitzman Family
Gary & Judy Wilding
Carrie & Stuart Youngs
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