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Interview with longstanding board member
Renee Landau                                                      


Renee Landau
Renee was born in Germany. When the Nazi’s came to power, her family fled to Belgium where she grew up and went to school. In 1940, the Germans invaded Belgium and very soon started persecuting the Jews. Renee and her family were very lucky in managing to escape to Switzerland and she continued her schooling there. When the war ended, they returned to Belgium.
Renee came to the United States in the early 60's and worked for a French company before becoming the co-owner of an export company specializing in parts for the electronic industry. Her work called for frequent trips to Europe and that allowed her to keep in touch with her family in Belgium. 
After visiting the Reuth facilities in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in 1992, Renee was invited to join the U.S. Board. She is proud and grateful to be associated with this amazing organization ever since.


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