Howard Rubin
President, Schechter Manhattan Board of Trustees
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Howard Rubin serves as the current president of the Schechter Manhattan Board of Trustees, demonstrating a longstanding commitment to the school's mission as an active board member for most of its existence. Throughout his tenure, he has assumed every senior leadership role, with the exception of treasurer.

Howard's educational journey began on Long Island, where he was
born and raised. He pursued higher education at Colgate University and Columbia Law School, later returning to Columbia as a faculty member. Since 1979, he has been an esteemed member of Davis and Gilbert LLP.

Within the field of law, Howard excels as a partner at Davis and Gilbert LLP, specializing in litigation and dispute resolution, as well as labor and employment practice groups. His expertise extends to providing strategic counsel to both employers and employees, resolving complex workplace issues and high-stakes business disputes. With a notable track record, he has litigated numerous cases, spanning employment discrimination, restrictive covenants, First Amendment rights, defamation, and intellectual property infringements. Notably, his clientele includes leading companies in marketing communications, financial services, and various other industries.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Howard is deeply engaged in philanthropic efforts. He has held significant leadership roles within the UJA Federation, including chairing various divisions and steering committees, and spearheaded initiatives like the task force on interfaith families.

Additionally, he has contributed his leadership talents to institutions such as the Town & Village Synagogue and the Park Avenue Synagogue, where he served as vice president and led missions to Israel.

Amid his professional achievements, Howard's proudest accomplishment is his 50-year marriage to his wife Nan. Together, they shared the joys of parenthood with their children, Jake (Dana) and Leslie (Andrew), and revel in the love of their three grandchildren, Henry, Alice, and Max.
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