Rabbi Rosenberg's Message
Dear Friends:

It was about a year ago that we found ourselves easing back into a sense of normalcy. We finally reentered the Shul building and brought back the familiar elements of Shul life. The return of Shabbos youth programs, in-person shiurim and events, and of course, the Carlebach minyan and kiddush/shalosh seudos.

The Shul realized that we were faced with a great challenge as well as a unique opportunity. The test was whether we could bring everyone back after such a long dormancy. At the same time, this was a chance to look at the Shul with fresh eyes and revamp aspects that otherwise, could not have been changed so easily.

With streamlined davening and creative enhancements to what we already offered, along with new ideas and going “outside the box,” the success, B”H, speaks for itself.

There is a certain energy that has filled the Shul every Shabbos and Yom Tov. The youth groups are bli ayin ha’ra filled with children excited to come to shul, and the stroller parking is at full capacity. We can even boast that the letter "ש" in our logo also stands for “"שlurpees!”

There are many people in the Shul leadership and staff to thank for contributing to this “makeover” – however, the ultimate gratitude goes to Hashem for watching over us during an unprecedented time and allowing us to navigate all the ups and downs of this chapter, coming out stronger along the way.
At the same time, none of this would have been possible without the loyalty, generosity, and faith of our wonderful SZ family. You have remained steadfast throughout this time, helping each other as we moved forward. The phrase “Mi K’amcha Yisrael- Who is like your nation Israel '' aptly captures the point.
Among the cherished members of the SZ family are Gary & Stephie Bregman. They have been a part of our community for over four decades and are beloved by all. They are truly emblematic of what it means to be “community members.” They have volunteered in a myriad of roles to help further the growth and vibrancy of SZ and the broader community. Stephie is a master educator who has enriched her countless students at Emek. Gary’s patience, sensitivity to others and affability are unmatched. We are privileged to have them receive the Kesser Shem Tov award.

Ronson & Elka Moses returned to the community of their youth about a decade ago. To state, “they hit the ground running” does not do justice for what they have accomplished in a relatively short time. Their outstanding middos serve as a beacon for their peers to follow. Their reach extends far, through Ronson’s famous gym and Elka’s expertise as a makeup artist. They are wise beyond their years and represent the best of what the next generation has to offer. They are very deserving of the Community Service award.
Tonight, we celebrate our faith in Hashem, His Torah, His beloved people, and our quest to continue to sanctify His Name, as we go from strength to strength.
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