WDS Prize Drawing
You've got to be in it to win it!!

Given the current situation in Israel, our 76th Anniversary Dinner will center on the achdut (unity) of Am Israel, shining light on Eretz Israel, and, of course, highlighting the significance of a Westchester Day School education.

Consequently, we've decided to revamp this year’s dinner prize drawing to resonate with our hearts and minds given the current situation. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the prize drawing theme this year is "Made in Israel, Purchased in Israel"

We strongly believe in the importance of supporting local Israeli businesses during these challenging times. From remarkable art and jewelry to premium cosmetics, food, wine, and exclusive experiences such as dining, hotel stays, and local tours, every item in the prize drawing will genuinely showcase the wonders of Israel.

It's a win-win situation - by supporting us, you'll be aiding local Israeli businesses, much needed in these times, while also backing WDS to ensure the continuation of our mission: educating the next generation of Jewish advocates, curious minds, and future community leaders!

Get ready and stay excited for what’s to come…
2 Plane Tickets to Israel
A hotel stay at the Inbal
Cramim Spa Package
Israeli Art
Wine straight from Israel’s vineyards
Food packages from the Shuk
….and more :)
Review Israeli Artwork here
Review 10 x packages here
Package Bundles
2 Tickets - $72
3 Tickets - $100
6 Tickets - $180
10 Tickets - $250
15 Tickets - $375
20 Tickets - $500
35 Tickets - $750
50 Tickets - $1000 **BEST VALUE**
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