Current and Past Hall of Distinction Honorees
Contributions towards a special legacy brick to honor all WHSAA Hall of Distinction honorees.
Burney Adams
Football Coach
Naomi Adjei
Class of 2007
Lynda-Arnold Davis
Class of 1971
Alvin Attles
Class of 1955
Class of 1970
Hal Braff
Class of 1952
Steven Dinetz
Class of 1965
Sid Dorfman
Class of 1937
Hisani Dubose
Class of 1972
Joanne (Williams)
Class of 1984
Faheem Ellis
Faculty, Coach
Les Fein
Basketball Coach
Marcia (Prince)
Class of 1956
Edwin Goldstein
Class of 1951
Warren Grover
Class of 1955
Stanley Herr
Class of 1963
Max Herzberg
First WHS Principal
Eli Hoffman
Class of 1956
James Oliver Horton
Class of 1961
Carrie Jackson
Class of 1968
Alturrick Kenney
Class of 1995
Sandra King
Class of 1965
Lawrence Lerner
Class of 1952
Benilde Little
Class of 1976
Robert Lowenstein
Faculty, Dept. Chair
Eleanore Lutzke
Class of 1959
Hilda Lutzke
English Teacher
Stanley Markowitz
Class of 1955
Seymour Mason
Class of 1938
Cynthia (Holiday)
Class of 1968
Wilfredo Nieves
Class of 1966
Sheila Oliver
Class of 1970
Victor Parsonnet
Class of 1941
Benjamin Perlmutter
Class of 1942
Milton Perlmutter
Class of 1955
Dr. Cynthia Gilliam
Class of 1970
Darryl Rochester
Class of 1971
Miriam Span
Class of 1960
Margery Tabankin
Class of 1965
Evora Thomas
Class of 1970
Kim Thompson-Gaddy
Class of 1982
Anthony Timmons
Class of 1980
Dr. Harold Weintraub
Class of 1963
Dr. Herbert Wolkstein
Class of 1939
Melvin Wolkstein
Class of 1940
Philip Yourish
Class of 1964
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