Those who have been
Members for 18 years, or longer
Mark and Laura Abelkop
Stephen and Brenda Abelkop
Laz and Rakhil z"l Abramovitch
Basil and Michelle Abramowitz
Micki and Ilana Acks
Julian and Yael Aires
Naomi and David z"l Aires
David Argow
Isaac and Gloria Bakst
Robert and Nancy Barker
Dennis and Rosa Basson
Joan and Hugo z"l Behrend
Irwin and Felicia Belcher
Michel and Annie Benaroch
Jonathan BenDor
Neil and Ruth Berkowitz
Bernice and Dov z"l Borok
Jonny Borok
Anthony and Hayley Bortz
Jaime and Karen Breziner
Mark and Flora Brunswick
Avi and Avril Butbul
Brian and Debbie z"l Castle
Mike and Helene Cobb
Jeremy and Hilda Cohen
Brian and Merle Datnow
Paul and Julie Datnow
Mark Dermick
Neal and Dee Desind
David and Jackie Diamond
Perry and Michelle Diamond
Sam and Sandra Dimenstein
Zachary and Sigalit Dimenstein
Sofia and Marco z"l Dujowich
Howard Dyckman
Lee and Fay z"l Edelstein
Enrique and Sally Eichner
David and Claire Ellman
Jim and Sari Esserman
Michael and Myrna Fainstein
Edward and Shirley Farajzadeh
Charlie Farbstein
David and Mary Feifel
Aaron Feldman
David and Sarita Feldman
Uri and Belinda Feldman
Jack and Gail z"l Forman
Alessandra Franco
Barbara and Gary z"l Frank
Julian and Beryl Frank
Moises and Viviann Freifeld
Irwin and Ana Friede
Harold and Wendy Frysh
Samuel and Leye z"l Galek
Rhoda and Hymie z"l Gaylis
Philip and Glenda Ginsburg
Marc and Felicia Gipsman
Craig and Dana Glasser
Eli and Iliana Glovinsky
Roland and Myrice Goldberg
Tsvi and Anne Goldenberg
Louise and Boyd z"l Goldwyn
Dennis Goodman
Tanya Goodman
Helfon and Guily Hanono
David and Aniko Hastings
Gavin and Cheryl Horn
Marlene Hyde and Barry Berelowitz z"l
Eva and Jamin z"l Illyes-Eiseman
Charles Jaffe and Janith Seidel
Gershon Jaffe
Cecile Jordan
Len and Anne Jurkowski
Lionel Kahn
Joelle and Leon z"l Kanner
Avra and Barry z"l Kassar
Howard and Ann Katz
Mara Lynn and Joel z"l Katzman
Brian and Sarah Keating
Janet Klein and Becky Karcz
Arthur and Peta Klitofsky
Irwin Krinsky
Jack and Rebeca Krinsky
Stuart and Nora Laiken
Sean and Loretta Levi
Celia and Nathan z"l Levy
David and Melanie Levy
Ernest and Cherry z"l Lipman
Frances Lobman
Craig and Marty Lotzof
Lawrence Lotzof
Brian and Suzanne Marcus
Mauricio and Lillian Miselewicz
Clive and Tammy Moch
Jerome and Neala Moch
Daniel and Nicole Monsowitz
Harvey and Linda z"l Neiman
Sorrel and Judy Nemzer
Hana Olivensky
Martin and Beverley Pamensky
Doron and Elizabeth Peisic
Gideon Rappaport
Andy Ravid
Joseph and Pam Resnikoff
Marlene Rissman
Blue and Ezraella Robbins
David and Sylvia Roth
Todd Salovey and Diane Boomer
Howard and Diane Schachat
Colin and Jane Scher
Gavin and Zara Sclar
Stanley and Debby Seidle
Denise and Sydney z"l Selati
Shirley and Harold z"l Shapiro
Paul and Deborah Shtein
Michael and Lynne Silberstein
Mitchell Simon
Mal and Stan z"l Smiedt
Ian and Linda Smulowitz
Rick Storch
Kevin and Lynn Swartzberg
Steven and Sharon Tradonsky
Bessie and Morris z"l Wainstein
Steven and Ava Weitzen
Gidon and Marilyn Williams
Hayley Winick
Michael Winick
Rabbi and Shoshie Wohlgelernter
Sharleen Wollach
Anton and Julie Woolf
Jackie and Bertie z"l Woolf
Baruch and Ellie Yakatan
Brian Zimmerman
Jack and Ellen Zyroff
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