Annual Gala Dinner at Adat Yeshurun
June 4, 2023
at 5:00 p.m.
Honoring those who have been members 18 years or longer!
Shabbat Anniversary Celebration
June 2-3, 2023
Celebrating Adat Yeshurun’s 36th Year of Torah Growth and Communal Unity
Double Chai” - What a wonderful and joyous occasion for our Kehilla! This year marks the 36th Anniversary for our 270 members - community built upon and sustained by Torah, Connection, and Community. Many of our members, who’ve been with the Shul for 18 years or more will be honored and celebrated during our Etz Chaim Gala, June 2-4, 2023. We thank them for sustaining the growth of the shul with their good deeds and acts of kindness over these years. We hope we can count on you being an important part of this historic event.
Our annual spring fundraiser this year includes a weekend of rejoicing, reminiscing, and creating a healthy future for our synagogue, with us all growing closer and stronger as a community. Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik, renowned Torah scholar, historian, and acclaimed speaker, will be our guest scholar at the Etz Chaim Gala, on Sunday evening June 4th. Felicia Gipsman, renowned Adat volunteer and chef, will be nourishing us with a delicious deluxe meat kiddush, a wonderful seudah shlishit over Shabbat June 3rd and a magnificent dinner on the evening of the Gala, Sunday June 4th.
Etz Chaim
Mike and Karen Aron and Family
Jeremy and Hilda Cohen
Zachary & Sigalit Dimenstein, Sam & Sandra Dimenstein
Amy and Jonathan Aires
Neil and Ruth Berkowitz
Todd Salovey and Diane Boomer
Harold Frysh and Wendy Burk
David and Claire Ellman
Gavin and Cheryl Horn
Avra Kassar
Brian and Suzanne Marcus
Charles Jaffe and Janith Seidel
Yaakov and Devorah Shore
Mark and Phyllis Strauss
Branches of Adat
Moises and Jennifer Eilemberg and Family
Jonny Borok
Peter and Hilary Bowers
Harvey and Anne Brenner
Mark and Flora Brunswick
Perry and Michelle Diamond
David and Mary Feifel
Martin and Arlene Fogel
Barbara Frank
Felicia & Marc Gipsman
Roland and Myrice Goldberg
Helfon and Guily Hanono
Dave and Aniko Hastings
Anne and Len Jurkowski and Family
Lawrence Lotzof
Michael and Paula Mantell
Colin and Jane Scher
The Smiedt Family
Adam and Marina Sragovicz
Mitch Shack and Tina Beranbaum
Gidon and Marilyn Williams
Roots of Adat
Mark and Laura Abelkop
Noel and Miriam Fishman
Jerry and Sheila Hermel and Family
Megan and Jacob Kamaras
Irwin Krinsky
Stuart and Nora Laiken
Marc & Shana Lebovits
Craig, Marty and Wolfy Lotzof
Gregory Ross
Paul and Debbie Shtein
Nicole and Jonathan Smith
Anton and Julie Woolf
Brandon & Lara Woolf Grusd
Seeds of Adat
Stephen and Brenda Abelkop
Rachel and Mickey Abraham
Ary Abramovic
Basil and Michelle Abramowitz
Julian Aires
Altman Family
Alan Angel
Felicia and Irwin Belcher
Liza and Shimon Blumenfeld
Jaime and Karen Breziner
Brian and Merle Datnow
Neal and Dee Desind
David and Jackie Diamond
Tali Hochstein, Dov Horowitz and family
Howard Dyckman
Marsha Eiseman
Rabbi Shmuel and Chaya Ertel
Sari and Jim Esserman
The Factor Family
Freifeld Family
Charles Farbstein
Uri and Belinda Feldman
Yaron and Gabriella Fireizen
Jack Forman
Alessandra Franco
Julian and Beryl Frank
Bella Freifeld
Irwin and Ana Friede
Lolie Fromm
Rhoda Gaylis
Nicole Gesher
Philip and Glenda Ginsburg
Eli and Iliana Glovinsky
Tanya Goodman
Eva Illyes-Eiseman
Joan and Ivor Jacobson
Gershon Jaffe
Lionel Kahn
Stephen and Alysa Kaplan
Howard and Ann Katz
Dr. Mara Lynn Katzman
Brian and Sarah Keating
Ariel Klainerman
Janet Klein and Family
Arthur and Peta Klitofsky
Ron and Kim Lazarus
Eric Leiter
Delon and Daniela Levi
Celia Levy
Sacha Litman
Frances Lobman
Iris and Abe Loebenstein
Joanne and Sam Marcus
Peter Miller
Zoe and Jonathan Moed
Nicole and Daniel Monsowitz
Sorrel and Judy Nemzer
Hana Olivensky
Martin and Beverley Pamensky
Peikes Family
Gideon Rappaport
Scott and Flory Rappoport
Blue and Ezraella Robbins
Stephanie and Jordan Rosenfeld
David and Sylvia Roth
Howard and Diane Schachat
Gavin and Zara Sclar
Ken & Julia Stone
The Swartzberg Family
Steven and Sharon Tradonsky
Eva Trieger
Yvonne and Rick Venger
Bessie Wainstein
Jeff and Stacey Wechsler
Ivor and Joy Weiner
Steven and Ava Weitzen
Jonathan and Jennifer Zilberstein
Brian Zimmerman
Jack and Ellen Zyroff
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