An Evening of Appreciation, Community and Inspiration
We thank our honorees for their community service, and their work to help make this fundraising event a success.
Click on the honoree photo to view their bio.
The Irving Baker Community Builder Award
Ahavas Chesed Award
Steven and Rhonda Schottenstein and Family
Gary and Terri Schottenstein and Family, Bobby Schottenstein and Jeri Block and Family, Linda Schottenstein Fisher and Family
Friends of Ahavas Sholom
Friends of Ahavas Sholom
Double Chai
Marcia Baker
Friends of Ahavas Sholom
Julia and Philip Weinerman
Eddie and Lily Friedman
Shmuel and Sharone Goodman
Lev and Lidia Kucherski
Lev and Lidia Kucherski
Michael and Sheila Nutis Cutler
Mousa & Shelly Aframian & Family
Hackman Capital Partners
Tuvya & Lea Schottenstein
William Schottenstein
Ruth and Buddy Adler
Andrei, Marsha, Jacob, Katherine and Julia Dorochenko
Shelby, Jill & Shay and Randall, Daniel & Zachary Furman
Eddie and Jodi Karmia
John & Inna, Nicholas & Tiffany, Danielle & Mara Kinney
Sanford Lefkowitz
Louis R Polster Co
Kathy and Paul Pollack
Susan & Alex Rosen
Dotan and Shari Herszage
Gilad and Susan Kucherski Chazan, Sammy, Goldie and Emmanuelle, Mr. and Mrs. Lev Kucherski
Full Page
Adler Kids
Randy and Sari Alifeld
Michael Schiff and Family
Attendees of the Daily Minyan
Terri & Richard Barnett
Yael and Alan Bleiberg
Leslie And Dan Chase
Beth Jacob Congregation
Izzy & Samantha Cousin
Gary Covel
Gary Covel
Mark and Nicol Ebner
Mindee & Zev Fredman
Eydie, Don and Jennifer Garlikov
Herb and DeeDee Glimcher
Rabbi Avi & Miriam Goldstein
Debbie, Josh, Aria and Zoe Grashin
Cheri and Tod Friedman, Brad Hoffman, Anny and Eric Hoffman, Debbie and Jeff Meyer, Leslie and Seth Hoffman
Rabbi Hillel and Rivky Kapenstein
Mark and Jane Landon and Family
Raanan and Rebecca Lefkovitz and family
Yael and Yhezkel Levi
Kathy and Sidney Machefsky
Judy and Dan Meyers
Falen and Joey Nutis
Laura and Ira Nutis
Laura and Ira Nutis
Kathy and Paul Pollack
Miriam and David Portman
Sonny and Ellen Romanoff
Jeffrey and Muriel Rosenberg
Patricia and Andrew Rosenstein
PhysicianLoans Sarah, Daniel and Tal Frank
Susan & Victor Schmelzer
Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein
Candis and Henry Schwarz
Peretz and Karan Tanenbaum
Jeff and Bethanne Tilson
Jack and Debra Weitz
Miriam and Bernie Yenkin
Your Saint Louis airbnb besties!!
Half Page
Susan Bonowitz and Sppencer and Austin Eppstein
Larry Art Brands LLC.
Perle and Avi Benmoshe
Michael Berenstein and Family
Dr. Aryeh and Judith Cohen
Columbus Jewish Day School
Gary Covel
Daniel and Natalie Cohen
Ron and Beth Dolinger
Rabbi David and Shulamit Ginsburg
Scott and Sandi Hoover
Cheryl and Jackie Jacobs
Jim Winnegrad and Janice Manheim
Holly and Brad Kastan
Laurence Ruben & Family
Charles & Penny Libicki
Sasha Libin
Ed Mellman& Family
Sheila and Bob Shapiro
Joy & Bruce Soll & family
Quarter Page
Rabbi Levi & Aviva Andrusier
Barbara & Marty Ast
Brett and Wendy Avner
Laura, Jonathan, Sarah and Sam Baron
Daryl and Beth Binsky and Family
Neal Blue
Lisa and Marc Carroll
Clean Title Agency Inc
Rabbi Avrohom & Hope Drandoff
Rabbi Avrohom & Hope Drandoff
Adam and Jill Eisenberg
Avrom and Marcia Epstein
Jonathan and Miriam Gisser
David & Patricia Gold
Alan Golding and Amy Thomas
Bob and Marcia Hershfield
Avi and Mirav Hollander
Sam Katz
Bruce and Nancy Kay
Gabor Klein
Nina Golding and Tom Vinci
Elaine Pack
Ross Cleaners
Julie Saar
Sheeran/Semon Team / NAI OHIO EQUITIES REALTORS - Mike Semon, Dan Sheeran Jr., Dan Sheeran Sr.
Cantor Baruch and Minna Shifman
Harold and Elaine Shindel
Harold and Elaine Shindel
Women's Tuesday Morning Shiur
Devorah and Daniel Steinberg
Steven, Cherie, Ben, Nadia and Zev Winter
Adam and Hope Suttin
Aunt Judy and Uncle Murray Swift
The Hartstein Family
The Yatkeman’s
Nnamdi Umeh
Benyamin and Ahuva Weinschneider
Devorah and Justin Weprin
Ely Zofan
Mazel Tov
Jackie Berkowitz Orthodontics
JewishColumbus Board and Staff
Benjamin and Angela Brown
Rick and Sherri Cohen and Family
Matt and Mindy Cooper
Al and Shelly Dembe
Epstein Memorial Chapel
Richard Erdey
Israel Bonds
Columbus Community Kollel Families
Michoel & Shira Alt Mitzvah Depot
Ryan Elk @ All Insurance
Thompson Plageman Memorials
Eighth Page
Shimon David and Barbara Abrams
Jeffrey B. Acuff
Pia, Sam & Mary Aframian
Alegria and Yehuda Bitton
Breslov Judaic Centre
Mike and Lisa Brodsky
Larry Charson
Bernie Cohen
Kenny Cohen and Morrisa Cohen
Stephanie and Larry Davidson
Mark and Alla Ellman
Lynn&Joel Fisher
Sima Gellman and Fred U Needham
Ron and Fran Golden
Heather and Larry Pliskin
Frederick Kapetansky
Edgar and Sofiya Karpovich
Jeff and Dalia Koppes
Sonia Kovitz
Betsey and Dani Lane
Neal Shapiro and Tammy Mor
Daniel & Ilana Newman
Faye and Earl Newman
Sam, Ariella, Millie & Reuben Nutis
Todd Delman Pillar to Post Home Inspectors
The NY Plous Family
David and Sharon Pollack
Ryan Brothers' Landscaping
Alan and Debbie Schlesinger
Charles and Joyce Shenk
Mark & Cindy Levy, Sleep Better Columbus
Warren and Marlene Sobol and family
Tzvi and Ilana Tuchman
Alan and Yehudit Wittert
Bill Young
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