We recall with reverence these former Officers and Directors of Ansche Chesed
Max Abraham
Fanny Alpert
Ruth Awner
Trudy Balch
Jack Ballinger
Fanny Beiner
Max Z. Benjamin
Maurice Benzaken
Alfred Bergmann
Doris Bergmann
Ludwig Bickhardt
Irving Black
Morris M. Blacker
I Edward Brown
Dr. Abraham H. Chaikin
Albert Cohen
Elias A. Cohen
Walter Cohen
Paul Cowan
Arlene Eisenberg
Maks Etingin
Lt. Henry Feil
Paul Feinberg
Victor Fortgang
Ernest Fried
Harry Friedman
Hon. William H. Friedman
Samuel Frindell Jr.
Elyse Frymer
Mark Gersten
Eric Gertner
Sylvia Gilbert
Israel Gitenstein
Isidore Goldman
Meyer Goodfriend
I Edward Hammerman
Esther Hautzig
Adela Hilsenrath
Harold Hirsch
Phil Holman
Cantor Adolph Katchko
Sam Kayman
Rabbi Wolfe Kelman
Eugene Klein
I Roger Klein
Isobel Aviva Kirsch
Cora Kohn
Leon A. Kohn
Herman Kroll
Jerome J. Lande
Dr. Emil Lehman
Julius Leicher
Joel Leshen
Hilda Lesser
Jacob Levinsons
Alexander Levy
David N. Levy
Abraham Lewis
Lem Lewis
Louis Linnett
Adolph Lorch
Michael Mantel
Ronald Morris
Susan Martin
Sol Mutterpearl
Allen Nadler
Adolph Oelbaum
David Ravitch
Sussman Reinhardt
Emanuel Reutlinger
Daniel Ritter
Louis Ritter
Maurice Rosenberg
Moses G. Rosenberg
Jacob Rosenblatt
Alexander I. Ross
Anna Sakson
Herman Sands
Samuel Schiff
Dr. David Shapiro
Nathan Shefrin
Herta Shriner
Lester Shriner
Bernard Tenzer
Dr. Joseph Tunik
Henry M. Weitzner
Benjamin Winter
Irving Yeckes
Morris J. Yeckes
David Zimmerman


We mourn the Ansche Chesed members whom we lost during the past year:

Misha Avramoff

Vivian Awner

Janet Burstein

Charles Kadushin

Shawna Newman

Foster Padway

Ted Poretz

Lisa Rabinowicz

Gladys Rosen

Alberta Stammers

Ed Sultan


May the thought of those loved ones whose names are here called to remembrance increase our devotion to the faith in which they lived and died, that the memory of the righteous may become a blessing to us and the whole house of Israel.

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