Rabbi's Greeting


Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky

Dear Friends,
Our tradition says that every last one of us is as filled with virtuous deeds as a pomegranate is filled with juicy seeds [Talmud Berakhot 57a]. 
No doubt that is true. But we all know that some pomegranates are riper than others. This year at our synagogue benefit, we are privileged to honor three family units who truly are bursting open with mitzvot.
The Mowshowitz, Urbas-Morris, and Medjuck-Bruckner families exemplify what it means to be Ansche Chesed, literally people of love, or a community of kindness. In so many ways, they display their love of Torah, of being Jewish, of caring for their fellow community members in ways that inspire us all.
Solomon & Deborah, Bena & Gustavo, David & Elisheva, Elaine and your late husband Ron z"l—each one of you has contributed so many mitzvot to the intellectual, spiritual, ethical and communal life of Ansche Chesed. You learn and study. You daven. You read the Torah. You visit the sick and comfort the bereaved. You welcome the stranger and feed the hungry. You serve as officers and trustees. You have raised children and grandchildren to be Jews here in our community.
Personally, I treasure our friendships. Communally, I am strengthened by sharing our shul with you. 
Please accept this benefit celebration as a tribute to who you are and an expression of this community’s gratitude for all you have done. 
With greatest esteem and warmest regards,
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky



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