Tamara & Martin Green
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Tamy and Marty met in 1962. No, wait, Marty says they met in 1961. Tamy has no memory of that. They agree that it was their dearest friends Joel and Diane who introduced them and then some time later encouraged, or instigated them to get married—59 years ago this month! They were going to get married in the fall, but their friends said, "what are you waiting for?” In those days some people didn’t do certain things unless they were married.  
It took them a while to find Ansche Chesed. They were busy climbing the Ivory Tower—Tamy at Hunter College, and Marty at Fairleigh Dickenson—each of them becoming chair in their respective departments. Marty taught English and Tamy taught classics. Her field was Ancient Religions and in addition to her best seller, The Greek and Latin Roots of English, she also wrote a book about the Moon God, who was a favorite god of Abraham’s neighbors in Harran. Marty spent, to hear him tell it, a fair amount of time in the wilderness of 1920’s magazines, and more pleasant time picking and strumming bluegrass.   
After they got married, they did shop around for synagogues. It was a long time ago—they met when Kennedy was president. They remembered his words, “ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” They heard it a little different. They were looking for a synagogue to “do for.” Ansche Chesed, in its current life, was not even a twinkle in Wolf Kelman’s and Emil Lehman’s eye. Luckily for us, it took 19 years but they finally found what they were looking for. There, in the shabby old Chapel, they fell in love all over again, this time with us. Those of us who were there then, and those who were yet to come.
And have they ever done for us! Remember, back then if no one raised their hand and volunteered, there would be no service. Marty and Tamy raised their hands, all the time. Marty led services, learned to chant Torah and became a regular leyner, learned to chant Esther, and gave occasional divrei Torah as well, always crisp and insightful. Tamy gave lots of divrei Torah. She drew from her deep knowledge of the classical world and her deeper love for the Jewish people and our story. She touched our hearts and our souls. She learned to chant Torah too, always a bit shyly, claiming she had a poor singing voice. Rather, the tremor in her voice was there because she knew before whom she sang.
Tamy was a founder and frequent teacher at the Jewish Healing Center, sharing her wisdom and her poignant personal experience.
And Marty put the Morning Minyan on his shoulders and through these many years built and grew this precious institution. A place to pray, remember, find warmth and comfort, and often have breakfast.
When we honor the Doctors Green, we honor our very best.
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