WLCJ 2023 Convention Social Action Project: Our Shifrah and Puah Project
Historically, Uganda has endured an extremely high maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality rate. The Shifrah and Puah Maternity Center – founded by noted Israeli nurse midwife, Ilana Shemesh – was created to provide the women of the Abayudaya Jewish community improved birthing options and maternal care.
The social action project for our 2023 Convention gives each of us the opportunity to embrace our theme, Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Ba’Zeh/All of Israel are responsible for each other, by supporting the maternity center and giving the gift of a healthy birth. These services are free to the women of the community. Our donations will make a significant difference in their lives and the lives of their babies.
  • A donation as small as $18 can cover the cost of an ultrasound and the birthing at the Center.
  • $36.00 can cover the costs of the sanitary napkins necessary after each delivery for an entire MONTH.
  • $72.00 can cover the costs of the laundry service to keep the sheets, towels and gowns clean for each delivery for an entire MONTH.
  • $108.00 can cover the MONTHLY costs of supplying each mother with three sets of baby outfits and one blanket; otherwise, they only have rags to wrap their baby in.
  • $126.00 can cover the costs of mosquito netting and Malaria treatment and medications - Pitocin, iron pills and infusion solutions; for all pregnant women to prevent stillbirths, premature births, and poor fetal growth for an entire MONTH.
Our goal is to raise enough money so that birth mothers receive:
  • Prenatal screenings                           
  • Ultrasounds
  • All sanitary napkins, sheets, gowns and other items necessary during labor and delivery
  • Malaria treatments to prevent stillbirths, premature births.
  • Mosquito nets to reduce malaria infections.
  • Ambulance service if needed to transport women in hard labor from far away villages or difficult / complicated births.
  • After birth, 3 sets of clothing and a blanket for their baby.
  • Other medicines and tests when needed (Pitocin, iron pills, other medicines, and infusion solutions).
The Shifrah and Puah Maternity Center is a “humanitarian project that saves lives of women and babies and promotes dignified and safe childbirth and preserves the integrity of the family and empowerment of women,” says Ms. Shemesh.
Thank you for your support of THE GIFT OF A HEALTHY BIRTH.
Ellen Grossman
WLCJ 2023 Convention 2023 Social Action Project Co-Chair
Randy Schwartz
WLCJ 2023 Convention 2023 Social Action Project Co-Chair
*The Mitzvah Project is a BQLI Region Tikkun Olam initiative that we support at our Annual Woman of Achievement Gala. In past years our members have donated to Hatzilu Rescue Organization, Matilde’s Mentionables, Neve Hanna Children’s Home, Lend A Hand Project, collected toiletries and feminine hygiene projects for local women’s shelters, and supported the Masorti Olami Ukraine Campaign. This year’s Mitzvah Project was chosen to coincide with the WLCJ Convention 2023 Social Action Project.
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