Samuel Lyons
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Samuel Lyons lives in Lawrence, NY, and is currently a senior at DRS. After careful consideration throughout the year and the advice of his brothers, both Emunah KH alumni, and friends, Samuel went on to have the best summer of his life on Emunah KH. Emunah KH provided Samuel the chance to “step out of [my] comfort zone, build lasting relationships, and partake in a one-of-a-kind experience.” Making the independent decision to join Emunah KH, without any close friends, gave Samuel the opportunity to connect with new, amazing and like-minded, people. Emunah KH helps build lasting friendships and allows people to find a deep appreciation for their life in a positive way. Samuel currently stays in touch with the Emunah children through WhatsApp groups and has already visited the home on his recent trip to Israel! He is very much looking forward for Emunah KH summer 2023! 
Jamie & Avi Weiss
Susie & Heshy Freundlich
In honor of our dear friend Fran Hirmes and all the honorees
Jenny & Danny Gerber
We are so proud of our new nephew Dovid Elimelech Baruch on this well deserved award.
May you be zoche to continue your wonderful work on behalf of the Klal.
Mazel Tov to another one of our awesome nephews, Samuel Lyons! You’ve always been and continue to be a true mensch.
We love you both!
Sara Zakheim
Congratulations to all the honorees for their dedication to emunah and bringing true chessed to children in need.
Brenda & Stan Goldstein
Mazel Tov to all the Honorees-
tizku l'mitzvot
Ronit & Dov Lederer
In honor of all the honorees and committee chairs.
Heddy & Mendy Klein
In honor of Ronnie Faber for her dedicated work to Emunah, Samuel Lyons for his inspirational leadership, and Emunah children in Israel.
Tammi & Bennett Schachter
In Honor of Hannah's good friends!
Leebala, Tsophie, Ally, Benjamin, Samuel (Tuvia) and Joseph
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