David Baruch, Young Leadership Award
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David Baruch has been giving back to the children at-risk living in Emunah homes for over 5 years. David has volunteered for Kol HaNearim, a summer program that provides hope, happiness, and socio/emotional support to children at-risk living in the five Emunah children’s homes in Israel. Kol HaNearim, a summer program in the Emunah homes, empowers Jewish teens and young adults - the next generation of leaders - to volunteer and create a fun, transformative, summer program that compliments the Emunah homes' incredible work.
David has spent 5 summers volunteering in the Emunah Neve Michael Children’s home in Pardes Chana, Israel.  During this time, David participated in many leading roles for Kol HaNearim, including as a counselor, creating exciting summer programs and changing lives. David was first introduced to Kol HaNearim by his cousin and mentor Michael Reidler, founder of KH. David is profoundly inspired by Michael’s deep commitment to the children of Am Yisrael and is proud to be part of the Kol HaNearim family.

David credits his parents for laying a foundation of hard work and emphasizing the importance of giving back. He is also inspired by his grandmother Ida Baruch who served as President of the Emunah Forest Hills chapter and his great-aunt Gladys Baruch, who served as an Emunah National President. David continues the Emunah legacy. 

The motto of Kol HaNearim is “it’s easier to believe in yourself when other's believe in you.” David’s incredible family has always enabled him to believe in himself. And David pays that forward by believing in our children. David says, “[T]he children in the Emunah homes are the most amazing kids in the world. They simply need people to support and believe in them to reach their highest potential.” Emunah is grateful for young leaders like David Baruch who impact and make a difference in the lives of Emunah’s children.

David is currently a first-year medical student at New York Medical College, living in Kew Garden Hills with his wife Joycee.

David embodies the very definition of what a Young Leader should be: Committed, passionate, and generous. We look forward to what David and Joycee do next, together, blazing a trail of chesed!
Ilana and Jeffrey Gdanski
Mazel Tov Ally and Ronnie!! Thank you for everything you do for Emunah! Keep inspiring us!!
Susan & Robert Kohlhagen
Mazal tov to David Baruch and all the other honorees on this well deserved honor.
Uncle David & Auntie Sophia Betesh & Family
Lisa & Noah Elbogen
Jamie & Avi Weiss
Ilana & Stuart Goldberg & Family
Mazel tov to david and to all the honorees on this well deserved honor.
Shira & Larry Baruch
Adina & Art Gerber
Mazal Tov David on your well deserved honor.
The Kol Hanearim children are so lucky to have you! We love you and are so proud of you.

Adina and Art Gerber
Debbie & Joel Greenwald
Elaine & Shalom Mehler
Mazal Tov to you David on this well deserved honor!
Yael & Paul Weinberg Silverstein
Mazal Tov to David Baruch for this well deserved honor! Kol hakavod to you for your work with the youth in kol hanearim!
We are so proud of you!
Yael & Paul
Deb & Mendy Tepler
Congrats to David Baruch and all the honorees.
So proud of KH!
Judith & Michael Goldberg
Kol ha’kavod to David Baruch and Xander Wilk & all the honorees. Tizku l’mitzvot!
John & Nina Nanasi
Mazel Tov to the well deserving honorees
Roberta & George Klafter
Mazel Tov David on a well deserved honor!
Laurie & Harry Szenicer
Mazel tov to all the Honorees.
Arlene & Fred Horowitz
Kol HaKavod to David Baruch & all the honorees for all your energy & time
Jenny & Danny Gerber
We are so proud of our new nephew Dovid Elimelech Baruch on this well deserved award.
May you be zoche to continue your wonderful work on behalf of the Klal.
Mazel Tov to another one of our awesome nephews, Samuel Lyons! You’ve always been and continue to be a true mensch.
We love you both!
Merav Acoca
Mazal Tov David
We are so proud of you!
Mom and Elliot
Joycee, Corey and Grace
Chanie & Alan Greif
Mazel tov to all the honorees. we are so proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization.
Leon & Judy Miller
Mazel Tov David . We are very proud of you!!
Toni & Reuven Nayowitz
Ronnie and her family have been devoted to Emunah for so many years. David has the opportunity to emulate that tradition.
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Shari & Robert Alter
In honor of David Baruch and Ally Schechter. Kol Hakavod on your amazing efforts!
Razy & Howie Baruch
Mazel Tov to all the Honorees!
David, we could not be prouder of you. Your tireless and continuous work on behalf of the children of Emunah has been an inspiration to us all.
We love you! Mom, Dad, Joycee, Shaina & Shimmy, Julia & Zach and Ari
Michelle & Mitchell Weitzner
We are so proud of Ronnie and David…. Thanks for all of your hard work!
Aviva & Avi Cohen
Mazal Tov David! You are truly an inspiration.
Phyllis & Benjamin Freilich
Cheryl & Lee Lasher
Sherri & Howard Sonnenblick
Mazal tov David Baruch on a well deserved honor!!
Gabriella & Yaron Bareket and Family
Mazel Tov David on this well deserved honor. We admire all that you’ve accomplished.
Iris & Shalom Maidenbaum
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees on your well-deserved tributes.
We salute the many staff and board members whose hard work keeps the life-saving mission of Emunah going.

Iris and Shalom Maidenbaum and family
Debby & Bruce Prince
Mazal Tov to David Baruch and Xander Wilks
Two very special young men who are amazing role models to all!
Debby and Bruce Prince
Barbara and Alan Weichselbaum & Family
In honor of David Baruch
Upon receiving the Young Leadership award. Thanks for inspiring your peers.

In honor of our Trailblazers
Lital and Micah Gill
Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of Emunah. So proud of you guys!

Kudos to all the Chairs, in particular Liz Gindea and Fran Hirmes,
for always going above and beyond for this wonderful organization.

With much admiration,
Barbara and Alan Weichselbaum and family
Jacobs Family
Mazel tov to David Baruch for all his dedication to KH!

Love the Jacobs Family
Zara Hoffman
Deborah & Alan Berger
Michael & Debbie Blumenthal
Mazal Tov to you all: Ronnie has really learned from the best, continuing to elevate Emunah to the highest standards; and David- your parents have raised you well!
Charlie & Rachie Moche
Mazal tov to the deserving honorees for this
worthy cause!
Gayle & David Goldman
Mazel tov to our Friend and neighbor David on this honor! May you continue in your parents footsteps and carve your own path to continue serving Klal Yisroel!
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