Spring Gala 2018 Leadership • June 6, 2018
(in formation)

Gala Co-Chairs
Michele and Jeffrey Landau
Mindy ‘97 and Alan Schall ‘92
Helene and Gary Wingens

Virtual Journal Co-Chairs
Sheryl and Sam Pearlstein
Atara Jacobson ‘87 and Scott Bieber
Dr. Alison Grann and Dr. David Gutstein

Outreach Chairs
Rebecca and Ari Berman
Julie and Jonathan Schwartz
Jessica and Ari Wise
Corporate Sponsorship Chair
Bat Sheva Hodes
Emily Berger ‘19
Mara and Brendan Berger
Suzanne and Miles Berger
Jeffrey ‘90, Jacob ‘19 and Hayden Bier
Robyn and Joseph Bier ‘79
Amy and Jeremy Biloon
Jodi and Jeff Bloom
Shari and Mitch Broder
Heather and Seth Brown
Pamela ‘02 and Jordan Davis ‘01
Sarah and Steve Epstein
Merisa ‘00 and Asher Fink
Rachel ‘97 and Rob Fink
Suzi and Yaron Gohar
Mindy and Stephen Goldman
Avivah and Michael Gottlieb
Rabbi Zalman and Toba Grossbaum
Sharon and David Halpern
Batsheva and Murray Halpern
Wendy ‘89 and Marc Herman ‘90
Barbara and Dr. Andy Hutter
Debbie and Allan Janoff
Rabbi E. Samuel Klibanoff and
Dr. Sarah Klibanoff
Eleanor and Marc Kramer
Sheree and Nathan Mandelbaum
Debbie and Steve Nadel
Maggie and Cliff Newman
Shelley and Josef Paradis
Mairav and Dr. Daniel Pascheles
Denise and Yoav Rekem
Judy Rosenberg and Randy Haase
Rabbi Yisrael and Chavi Rosenblum
Caren and Larry Rothenberg
Rabbi Mendel and
Chana Dvora Solomon
Shari-Beth and Jeff Susskind
Betty Pantirer Schwartz and
Howard Schwartz
Suzanne Unger
Hyla Weiss
Jane and Mark Wilf
Barbara and Ed Zinbarg
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