Honoring Mr. Isaac D. Massry

Isaac is the first Hillel Yeshiva Alumni to be honored in our annual journal. Isaac graduated in 1992. He was involved in Hillel Yeshiva as a student  and was active as a  fundraiser since he was 14, selling car raffles at the Deal Casino and Phillips Beach. In 1995, he was the youngest person, 21 years old, to be appointed to the Board of Directors by Mr. Joel Rishty A”H who was the President and then in 2010, he became a Vice President of the school.

Isaac is an example of the success of just one of Hillel Yeshiva’s goals: teaching our students the importance of giving back to our community.

Proceeds from this journal will go towards educational advancements, cutting-edge technology and school-wide renovations. Thank you for joining us in honoring Mr. Isaac D. Massry and helping us to ensure the success of the future leaders of our community.
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