Susan and Aron Ain
Shimon and Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld
Susan Shevitz and Larry Bailis
Shelley Baker
Jill and Marc Baker
Betsy Hecker and John J. Barter
Ifat and Yaniv Bejerano*
Marci* and Joram Borenstein
Sara Riedner Brown and Stephen Brown
Claire and Daniel Caine
Shoshana Jacobs and David Charytan
Tova Mirvis and Bruce Cohen
James Cohen
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Orly Mishan and Timothy Crawford
Rachel Fish* and Dave Cutler
Dorit Harverd and Richard Dale
Brenda and Jerry Deener
Joanne and Paul Egerman
The Elovitz Family*
Talia and Yoni Engelhart
Rena Gray Fein and Robbie Fein*
Leslie and Michael Gaffin
Zelda and Elkan Gamzu
Nicole and Joshua Gann*
Nancy Ganz
The Joseph and Anna Gartner Foundation
Sophie Gildesgame*
Rabbi Arthur Green
Maria and Alexander Gurevich
Phyllis Hammer
Rabbi Susan Harris
Nathan Hayman*
Hebrew College
Allison Cook and David Hirsh
Joan and Peter Hoffman
IAC Boston
JArts Collaborative
JCC Greater Boston
Andrea and Jonathan Kamens
Jen Kaplan
Allegra Goodman and David Karger
Linda Brodt and Paul Katz
Gayle and Jerry Klusky
Ellen and Michael Krause-Grosman
Devra and Donald Lasden
Lisa and Rabbi Daniel Lehmann
Sharon Levin* and Rabbi David Lerner
Ray Levi
Raffaella Sadun and Vito Levi d’Ancona
Emily Beck and Jon Levisohn
Stephanie and Yair Listokin
Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis
Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh
Marion and Abe Menzin*
Peggy and Marvin Menzin
Alisa Berger and Samuel Moyn
Karen and Ken Munkacy
Sharon Feiman-Nemser and Louis Nemser
Adele and Andrew Newman
Elizabeth Waksman* and Darren Orbach
Debra Gelber and Avrom Pfeffer
Fiona Epstein* and Jon Pollack
Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools
Suzanne Priebatsch
Susie and Howie Rodenstein*
Ellen and Michael Rubin
Jaka and Gadi Saarony
Barbara Skydell Safran and Arthur Safran
Sarah Luria and Tom Schwarz
Shiri* and Ilan Segev
Laura and Guy Shechter
Miriam Sheftel
Nicole Lamberg and Adam Shyevitch*
Nancy Rigelhaupt Smith and Howard Smith
Mark Sokoll
Judith Katz and Dean Solomon
Michelle Barmazel and Kevin Steinberg
Jennifer and Amiel Weinstock
Eveline and Guy Weyl
Ina Bachman and Eli Wylen
Judy and Albert Zabin
*Indicates current JCDS Trustee
List in formation
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