Sandy Getraer

Sandy Getraer was born in Cambridge, MA in 1993. He has embarked on a journey shaped by diverse experiences and unwavering dedication. He moved to Highland Park in 2001, where he entered 3rd grade and began his education at RPRY. He left an indelible mark as a member of its inaugural hockey team. Graduating in 2007, he continued his academic and athletic pursuits at TABC, excelling in wrestling while exploring various sports.
In 2011, Sandy's path led him to Yeshivat Orayta in Yerushalayim, marking the beginning of his deep connection with Israel. Making Aliyah in 2013, he transferred to Yeshivat Neve Dekalim in Ashdod, where he met Shifra Steiman, whom he later married after completing his military service.
Serving in the Kfir Brigade, Sandy demonstrated valor and leadership during challenging times, including the Gaza conflict of צוק איתן. His military career culminated as a staff sergeant, balancing duty with the joys of fatherhood as Ro'i, Yael, Yuval and Sinai entered his life.
Transitioning to civilian life, Sandy pursued a passion for civil engineering, graduating from Ariel University in 2022. Currently, he channels his expertise as a plumbing consultant/designer for Nir Zeisel, embracing each challenge with tenacity and innovation.
Sandy is currently serving in Gaza and holds the rank of Sergeant First Class.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Sandy's heart lies with his family and community in Talmon. His love for Am Yisroel shines through his unwavering dedication, embodying patience, passion, and a profound appreciation for life's blessings.
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