Jennifer and Keith Mendelson
Jennifer and Keith Mendelson moved to Livingston in the summer of 2002 and immediately joined Suburban Torah. 
They have worked tirelessly over the years, volunteering countless hours on behalf of the shul community. They have also worked tirelessly for other Jewish causes. Locally, Jennifer and Keith support JKHA/RKYHS and Friendship Circle and globally they are among the founding families of Sharsheret.
Keith marked his 20th year serving as Ba'al Tefillah for the Yamim Noraim last fall. He currently serves as a synagogue board member. Jennifer has been involved in numerous programs over the years such as the shul’s tehillim group, Naomi’s Challah and other communal chesed projects.
“Jennifer and I were both raised in homes where shul and community were central in our lives. A shul may be a house of prayer, but it is equally a home for family gatherings and communal activities—a place where joyous occasions are celebrated and where people come together in difficult times,” Keith said. "We have been inspired by the unwavering dedication of our fellow community members and their acts of kindness and generosity. The warmth and unity of Suburban Torah has brought us a sense of belonging and purpose beyond measure."
Jennifer and Keith are the very proud parents of Jacob, Rachel and Judah Lyons, Maya, Isaac.
Honoring all our SSTC members and children
who have served in the IDF, or volunteered for the National-Civil Service
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