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Jennifer and Keith Mendelson
Honoring all our SSTC members and children
who have served in the IDF, or
volunteered for the National-Civil Service
Cheryl and Mark Friedman
Debbie and Howard Jonas, Jocelyn and Shmuel Jonas and the IDT Family
Robin and Brad Klatt
Alice and Jacob Klein
Marci and Jeff Lefkovits and Family
Marisa and Richard Stadtmauer
Darbie and Robert Rabinowitz and Family
Emma Mendelson and Lauryn and Kenneth Weiser
Rachel and Cheskie Ginsberg
Michelle and Shmuly Lieberman
Lauren and Michael Mayer
Jennifer and Keith Mendelson
Sandy and Avi Steiner
Yael and Ephi Eisenberg and Family
Michelle and Jacob Ansel
Robin and David Bellicha
Sandra and Howard Blank
Beth and David Braunstein, Ari Buckman, Jim Chanda, Rena Zentman-Cohen, Josh Hartman, Moshe Hirsch, Chas Kvalo, Dan Napoli, Jessica Poverene, Ami Reschke, Gabe Sasso, Alex Schwartz, and Nadine Shea
Cheryl and Fred Halpern
Chaya and Lorne Lieberman
Liat and Jay Matthew
Dara and David Orbach
Malkie and Paul Ratzker
Lisa and Dan Serviss
ShopRite of Livingston
Melissa Feldman and Ariel Nelson
Ruth and Alan Bash
Audra, Gary, Lexi, Natalie, and Shiri Berger
Judy and Victor Botnick
Caryn Borger and Mark Dunec
Howard Longman Ellen J Stokar
Elaine and Joseph Farber
Susie and Kalman Fishbein
West Orange Fooderie Kosher Market
Brenda and Alan Freeman
Rebekah and Andy Freeman
Nora and Irwin Friedman
Aline and Jonathan Friedman
Chedva and Merritt Hubsher
Abe Joseph J&J Solutions
Rachel and Josh Joffe
Leah and Yona Katz
Karen and Neil Lyman
Avi, Tiki and Simcha Lyons
Paulette and Gary Mendelsohn
Jodi and Jack Mordekai
Rabbi James and Sarah Proops
Jerusalem Restaurant
Yonna and Eric Rosenberg
Ari, Abigail, Simon, Evie and Danny Rosenfeld
Chari and Martin Roth
Sacks Orthodontics
Gloria and Igal Sharret and Family
Ilene and Steve Sheris
Talia and Isaac Shmulewitz
Dina and Ilan Simon
Beth and Marty Statfeld and Family
Hope and Robert Tafet
Joyce and George Weinberger
Helene and Michael Wengrofsky
Lori and Douglas Zucker
Full Page
Bernheim Apter Kreitzman Suburban Funeral Chapel
Jeffrey and Mindy Cherna
Betsy and Phil Crystal
Michael and Mila Edelman
Chaviva and Marcelo Fischer
Shlomit and Dror Frommer and Family
SPL Group
Rachel and Jeff Jager
Howard Kaplowitz
Mimi and Eli Korn
Drs. Barbara and Alan Listhaus and Family
Martha and Ailon Maik
Yocheved and Ami Schwab
Ilana and Avi Tobias
Sarah and Ilya Bliner
Chany and Michael Chapman
Gail and Jeff Toll
Half Page
Accurate Transport
Chana, Yaniv and Ryan, Amir and Miriam, Gilad and Danielle Besterman
Sarette and David Hornblass
Main Ingredient
Debra and Michael and Family Mamet
David Nenner
Jonathan Rossman
Aviva and Gabi Schecter
Anne and Dr. Howard Schulberg
Martin Steinman
James Turetsky
University Radiology Group, PC
Michelle Plotsker and Yossi Cohen
Charles Cohen
Lauren and Yami Doberman
Avital and David Engelhardt
The Leeds Family
Wasserman/Singer Family
Debbie and Jeffrey Fine
Ilona and Bob Gray
Barbara and George Kafka
Robyn and Scott Krieger
Eileen and Larry Leff
Rabbi Elliot and Shira Mathias
Julie-Ann and Mark Miller
The Spivaks, Ottensosers and Rochlins
Rita and Stuart Rak
Erica and Jeremy Rosenfeld
Dalila and Claude Rosenstrauch
Taylor, Tyler, and Willa Young
Quarter Page
Susan and Samuel Kahnowitz
Yael and David Polinsky
Contributor Name Listing
Hope and Paul Aronoff
Wendy and Stewart Ashenberg and Family
Dolores and Peter Berkowsky
Dana and Will Eastman
Evelyn Rothfeld
Lenny Golonka
Barbara and Dennis Groner
Gitty and Mendel Grossbaum
Moshe and Judy Gutman
Ashera and Jeff Haar
Alan and Sharyn Henslovitz
Esthy and Elliot Hersch
Edward and Stella Izrailov
Beth and Stan Kaplan
Robin Kaplan
Alice and Cantor David Katchen
Elie Y Katz
Jeff and Jacqueline Miller
Ivan Nelson
Jeffrey and Laura Ruderman
Naomi and Josh Savitz
Esther and Simi Schwartz
Sholom Schwartz
Sean and Yael Wasserman
Dina and Etan Wiesen
Betsy and Yossy Yarkony
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