Why do we need a TCC Event website?
This year, the Temple Community Celebration will be held Saturday evening, May 18, 2024, starting at 6pm.  The ceremony will be streamed live around 7:30 for those of you who are not able to make it in person. You will be able to view the live stream here on this website.  
So why do we need a website?  Well, here you can...
  • Learn about our honorees 
  • Consider making a donation to support the Temple
  • Read Tribute Messages posted by donors
  • Discover the businesses that support the Temple
  • Learn about Temple Leadership, the Event Committee, and other useful information
And the website will be active long after May 18th.
How do I make a donation?
  1. Click on the Donate/Register tab along the top of the screen.
  2. Choose your donation amount by clicking the appropriate box on the right
  3. Click “Continue” to go to the next page
  4. Follow the prompt at the bottom of the page where you will be asked to supply your payment information.  You can either send a check to the temple or pay by credit card.
  5. Don’t forget to Click “Process Registration”
How can I showcase my business?
We will feature your business on our Temple Community Celebration website:
On the Home page:
  • The business name will be listed on our Scroll of Honor. 
  • A text message, graphic ad featuring the business, or a business card will be included in the Tribute Message. 
On the Business page:
The business name will be listed with a link to your website.  If you don't have a website, our Webmaster and Graphic Designer will create a link for you including your contact information and graphics - at no additional charge.
Go to the Donate/Register tab to register your business. 
  • All this for only $125!
Please email [email protected] with any questions.
What if I want to change my Tribute Message?
Any changes to your Tribute Message can be done by emailing Elana Goodridge at c[email protected] with the corrected copy.
Do I need an Event Link this year if I cannot be in person?
No, the event will be streamed live here on this website for everyone to watch the ceremony. But only the ceremony will be live streamed.  The in-person event starts at 7pm, the live stream will begin around 8. 
How do I navigate through the Tribute Messages?
Above the Tribute Messages, on the right side, are, respectively, a Left Arrow, a Pause/Play button, and a Right Arrow.  Use them to pause and scroll through the slides, and to step forward and backward.  Click the double bars to pause the messages.  It reverts to a right-pointing triangle, indicating play, which you may then click to resume the display.  Click the Left Arrow to go back one slide, the Right Arrow to got forward one slide.
Also above the Tribute Message, on the left side, is a By Category button.  Click on it and a list box appears, in donation level order, similar to the Scroll of Honor.  But this one is static; scroll down it and click on the name for the slide you want to see displayed. 
Next to the By Category button there is a Search... box.  Start typing in the name of who you want to see and matching names appear.  Click on one to see their slide. 
And finally, you can click on a name in the Scroll of Honor display to bring up the corresponding Tribute Message.  You will note that when you hover over the Scroll of Honor, the display freezes.
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