Moriah's Faculty and Administrators
Special Recognition for their courage and commitment to our children
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It is with respect and admiration that we extend our appreciation to our entire School Faculty & Staff who have responded admirably during this public health crisis. Certainly, no one had a playbook to guide us through it but as reality came to disrupt just about every function and service, all of you collaborated and worked tireless in order to build our school's new “normal.” We are not surprised by the speed, innovation, creativity, brilliance, sensitivity and care that you all demonstrate during this crisis and always. As stewards of the school-to-home connection, each of you helped to bridge the distance gap with inspiration, love, humor and good will. From teaching to connecting families to resources or lead a virtual classroom, your actions brought comfort to worried parents and a sense of calm for students who were afraid. What you did mattered. You’re the first teachers to tackle a challenge like the one we’re facing now. For years to come, 2020 will be remembered as the year we all learned how to live life at a distance from each other and continue to function as a society. Pause a moment and realize that what you’re doing matters. It matters not just for the students you have in your classes today, but also for the future. You are making history.
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