45th Anniversary Virtual Gala Video

About Westchester Jewish Council
Through our work, we connect, convene, and safeguard Westchester's Jewish communities and strengthen relationships among Jews and our member organizations, all of Westchester to Israel, Jews and our member organizations to our elected officials, and Jews and our member organizations to other ethnic and faith-based individuals and organizations, as well as to the community at large.
About the Westchester Jewish Council Gala
The Westchester Jewish Council Gala is our organization's sole fundraising event of the year.  Your support of the gala allows us to devote as much time as possible to continuing our enduring mission.  With 130 member organizations and hundreds of donors like you, we have accomplished a great deal year in and year out since 1975.
We want to thank our honorees listed below for their commitment to help make this fundraising event a success.
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