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2020 has been a year like no other. When Covid-19 hit, BCGW stepped up to offer practical, emotional and spiritual support to the Jewish community.
This work continues as we adjust to a new normal and prepare for our first winter during the pandemic.

By offering all our services without cost to the recipient, we free people to focus on their recovery without additional financial stress. When illness strikes our community depends on us and we depend on you.
Please join us in thanking our special volunteer honorees for their commitment
to helping others despite challenging circumstances. In a dark year, they brought in the light.
Silver Select
The Aviv Foundation
Manette and Louis Mayberg
Sara and Gabriel Solomon
Richard & Sarah Dine
Heidi and Steve Lamar
Erica and Jeremy Brown and Family Brown
Tom and Miriam Selman
Gary Winters
Menachem and Nava Ely
Marcia and Robert Kerchner
Hedy Peyser
Daniel and Daphna Raskas
David and Sharon Butler
Alana Riss and Brett Fine
Laura and Yossi Goldman
Achi & Miriam Guggenheim
Marianna and Michael Horn
Jerry and Dina Leener
Jerry and Dina Leener
Aaron and Rona Lerner
Elaine & Allen Minzer
Audrey and Neil Siegel
Naomi & Ori Carmel
Barbara & Mel Ciment
Sharon Karmazin and David Greene
Sid Diamond
Howie & Elaine Feldman
Danny and Adina Gewirtz
Sylvia and Peter Goldberg
Menachem and Miri Gottlieb
Rhonda Lehman
Saul Newman and Naomi Baum
Debra Reiter Panitch
Judy & Stuart Rosenthal
Sharona and Leo Rozmaryn
Sara and Jeffrey Elikan and family
Debbie and Gideon Sasson
Eddie/Ann Snyder/Wimpfheimer
Sarah and Buddy Stern
Tamar and Reuven Zakheim
Full Page
Esther and Alan Baldinger
Sharon & Larry Dekelbaum
Stephen and Lynn Deutsch
Duvie & Michal Merkin
Sheila Gaisin
Arlene Groner
Mindy Shankman and Joel Gross
Andrew & Elise Jacobs
Laura and Jerry Jacobs
Kerchner, Davis, and Fromberg Families
Judy & Sheldon Klein
Rabbi Saul and Susan Koss
Hadas and Steve Kozlowski
Fran and Neil Kritz
Donna and Jeffrey Lawrence
Nancy and Pesach Mehlman
Meir and Aviva Kramer
Gail and Jeffrey Nadel
Dr. Roger and Bashi Packer
Posy Global
Alan Reinitz
Linda Rishe
Debi and Max Rudmann
Manny and Loretta Sadwin
Sharon and Jay Mazel
Jeff Kagan Sterling Care Rockville Nursing
Sandi & Isi Teitelbaum
Lori & Ed Tolchin
Mattisyahu and Tova Welik
Young Israel Shomrai Emunah
Journal Greeting
David Abrams
Miriam and Elchanan Adler
David and Naomi Balto
Leah and Michael Bandler
Susie Ben-David
Teresa Berman
Debbie and Marc Katz
Elizabeth and Nathan Diament
Sue Dickstein
Joyce and Nino Dworsky-Srour
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard & Vera Ehrlich
Shmuel and Chani Feldman
Melanie and Steve Fleisher
Shirlee Franco
Simi Franco
Mechy and Sheila Frankel
Sharon Freundel
Miriam and Steve Friedman
Linda & Yisrael Garzon
Elie Gayer
Faith Ginsburg
Sahra & Yale Ginsburg
Sara and Paul Glashofer
Rise Goldstein
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Helene Goodman
Lily & Saadia Greenberg
Barry Greengart
Sammy and Rachel Groner
Ellen and Irv Haber
Judith Halpern
Rachel and Menachem Hamberger
Haramati Family
Elite & Wayne Hutman
Ira and Helen Brandriss
Israel Bonds
Sima and Daniel Jacoby
Judi and Fred Kranz
Judy and Louis Morris
Byer Judy and Marty
Chanoch and Rachel Kanovsky
Nancy Karkowsky
Shlomo and Sharona Katz
Ruthie & William Konick
Ellen and Larry Korb
Janet and Robert Kreitman
Annette Ehrlaich Lakein
Allison and Louis Lazar
Rifkie & Uri Lerner
Shulamith & David Lesnoy
Lynn & Aron Trombka
Ellen Marks
Judy & David Marwick
Marcelle Mervis
Chad and Melissa Miller
Suzy Miller
Lynne & Judah Mogilensky
Jan & Don Moses
Marion and Bernie Muller
Joan Pincus
Jay and Debbie Rogal
Neil and Tina Rosenbaum
Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum
Roy and Judy Rosenbaum
Deedee Rosenfeld
Esther and Jackie Rozmaryn
Gilla and Harold Saltzman
Sam and Pam Melamed
Michael and Elise Schloss
Michelle and Jonathan Schneck
Rabbi Jonathan and Beverly Schnitzer
Susan and Arnie Schwartz
George & Cathy Silberman
Sara Silver
Rochelle Sobel
Phyllis & Mark Speiser
Shaine Spolter
Jen and Joel Tabin
Judith Tannenbaum
Daniel and Julie Vogel
Gila and Rabbi Myron Wakschlag
Mark and Laura Warshawsky
Rabbi Brahm and Elana Weinberg
Bob and Nancy Weisman
George & Fran Wollner
Rivka Yerushalmi
David Zierler
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