Why should I place an ad in the CIS Virtual Dinner Ad Journal?
We rely on the generosity of our members and supporters to help us fund our annual budget—and our Dinner Ad Journal is our most significant source of additional income. We urge all of you to invest personally in our mission by purchasing an ad; and we encourage you to solicit ads as well from family, friends, neighbors, local retailers and others who care about the continued vitality of our community. For more information about ads, please click on Place Ad/RSVP at the top of the page.
Who will see my ad? And for how long?
Your ad will be posted to this Ad Journal website soon after your full payment is received—and it will be on view both before and for many months after the Dinner. Supporters like you view our Virtual Ad Journal repeatedly, and you will be able to easily locate your ad by typing in your name or the name of your company in a clearly marked field. In addition, a link to our Journal will appear 24/7 on the CIS website, which attracts visitors from around the country. Finally, we will take pleasure in acknowledging your generosity in the printed Scroll of Honor to be distributed at our Annual Dinner.
What kind of venue is the Crystal Plaza?
Famous for its storied history and striking décor, the Crystal Plaza is one of New Jersey’s most sought-after party venues. In addition to delectable Glatt-kosher cuisine, valet parking and white-glove service, Crystal Plaza ensures strict staff compliance with New Jersey Department of Health regulations, including all COVID-19 policies.
What kinds of safety protocols will be in effect at the Annual Dinner?
Our plan is to host the 47th Annual Gala Event in-person. CIS is dedicated to safeguarding the health of our members and guests by complying with all COVID-19 regulations issued by the State of New Jersey and the Centers for Disease Control. Please be advised too that all guests will be expected to comply with these protocols for the duration of the evening.  
I plan to attend the Dinner for the first time. Where will I be seated? And what does “Business Attire” mean?
First, thank you for joining us—we will look forward to welcoming you to your first CIS Gala. It is important that you return your RSVP card, noting the name/s of whom you might like to sit with at the Dinner. If you are a guest of a CIS member, your name will be listed on his/her RSVP card, if you plan to sit together. 
As noted on the response card, seating requests must be made by March 9.
With so many still working from home, “Business Attire” means different things to different people. In the past, many men have worn suits or jackets and ties to our Annual Dinner, while many women have worn festive dresses, suits or skirt ensembles.
Will my contribution to the Dinner be refunded if I RSVP but then cannot attend?
We regret that we will not be able to refund any seats purchased for the Dinner.
Should CIS be prevented from providing dinner to guests at Crystal Plaza by circumstances that cannot be foreseen today, supporters of our synagogue may be entitled to take a larger charitable tax deduction.
For further information regarding the DINNER and JOURNAL ADS
Danielle Pepper P: 201.563.2738 email: a[email protected]
Dolores Greenfield P: 908.249.2528  email: [email protected]
or Congregation Israel of Springfield
P: 973.467.9666 
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