Ariella and Eric Bloom
Young Leadership Award
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When Ariella and Eric Bloom moved to Springfield eight years ago, they were searching for a place with a warm, out-of-town feel that would allow them the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the community. Each had their own criteria as well; Ariella’s was an incredible school for the kids and her job while Eric hunted for a house with a big backyard. After spending their first shabbos in Springfield, they knew they found their home.
Being a member of CIS has inspired Eric to grow in his learning and he has dedicated himself to supporting the shul’s minyanim and shiurim. As one of the first people in shul each morning, he kindly brews coffee for the rest of the kehillah. Eric is an active participant in Daf Yomi, established multiple chavrusos with fellow members and helped facilitate the annual community BBQ. Professionally, Eric received his MPA from Baruch College-CUNY and works at Central Consulting and Contracting as Chief Estimator. Born in Boston, MA, he then moved to White Plains with his family before attending the Johnson and Wales University Culinary School in Providence, RI. During this time, he often found himself spending shabbos with local families and the community helped instill in him a desire to build a home always open to guests.
Similarly, while growing up, Ariella saw first-hand the generosity of her parents and grandparents who welcomed guests from near and far for shabbosim and chagim, a trait she and Eric have adopted in Springfield.  An outgoing person by nature, Ariella became an active community volunteer from the time she moved in. She served on both the Membership and Youth Committees, before being named as co-chair of the Membership Committee. During her tenure, Ariella oversaw outreach for prospective members, welcomed new families and facilitated activities for the shul membership. Since 2020, she has served as Recording Secretary for the CIS Board of Trustees and authored two articles for Rei’ach HaSadeh, the shul’s Torah journal. Ariella was born in Memphis, TN before moving with her family to Chicago and then Teaneck. She attended Stern College for Women-YU and received her M.Ed. from Bank Street College. Ariella currently works as a Pre-K head teacher in JKHA, beloved by her students, many of whom live in Springfield and enjoy saying hi to “Morah Ariella” in shul.
Ariella and Eric are the proud parents of Jacob, 10, Sadie, 8, Jordan, 6 and Tessa, 4 who are flourishing at JKHA. They are grateful that their children have the privilege of growing up in a welcoming and diverse community with the opportunity to see their parent’s involvement in CIS.
Ariella and Eric are honored to be a part of the Springfield community and appreciate the dedication of their fellow members. They would like to thank their parents, Dr. Steve and Simone Wruble and Fred and Diane Bloom for their unwavering support as well as make special mention of Ariella’s grandparents, Dr. Larry and Diane Wruble of Memphis and Asher and Josie Zwebner of Ashkelon.
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