Zamir Choral Foundation
The Zamir Choral Foundation, created by Matthew Lazar, promotes choral music as a vehicle to inspire Jewish life, literacy, community, and connection to Israel. The Zamir Choral Foundation is guided by an expansive vision of vibrant Jewish identity across the generational, denominational and political continuums through the study and performance of Jewish music at the highest level of excellence.
Zamir is committed to:
Community: Pluralism and respect are immutable foundational values for us. The only thing that defines us is that we are sopranos, altos, tenors or basses.
Jewish literacy: Because choral music incorporates text singers learn Jewish history, culture and traditions through the pieces they sing.
Excellence: We work towards the highest level of music education and performance.
Love of Israel:  Zamir believes that musical partnerships and face-to-face relationships create friendships that last a lifetime and ensure continued strengthening and support for the Jewish state. Zamir has been going to Israel since 1967 for performance tours and missions, and for the past 15 years HaZamir has created meaningful connections between HaZamir singers in Israel and the United States.
Changing lives: Singing is a source of joy, healing, strength and unity. Unbreakable bonds of friendship are created and a lasting Jewish community is built.
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