Ariella Konigsberg
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Ariella Konigsberg hails from a family whose roots in the CIS community run deep and wide. A fourth generation Springfield resident, Ariella has always felt an immeasurable love and connection to this shul that spans her lifetime from being a child participating in youth groups to eventual senior youth group leader. She takes such pride in her weekly job welcoming the children with excitement and warmth and teaching them about Shabbos tefilot and parshat hashavua.
A senior at Bruriah High School, Ariella’s love for communal involvement extends to her participation as the head of Wordwatch; Bruriah's shmirat halashon program and PR committees, as well as leadership roles in various other committees such as the Chessed, Tefilla, Tzedakah, AISAC, Apparel committees and much more.
Ariella is the daughter of Sharon and Eytan Konigsberg, and the sister of Dani, Shira, Yaakov and Atara. She is the proud niece of Eytan and Michelle Burstein and the senior cousin to the Burstein boys and Princess Raylie, to whom she has a particularly special bond. She is also the esteemed senior granddaughter of Dr. Aryeh and Myra Pirak, pillars of the shul and instrumental players in the growth and vitality of the Springfield community.
Her plan is to study in a seminary in Israel, to enhance her ever-growing love of Eretz Yisrael and to grow in her commitment to a Torah centered and spiritual lifestyle. Afterwards, Ariella has in mind to attend college and explore her career options.

Ariella is grateful to the Tammam family for selecting her to receive the Joseph Tammam Memorial Youth Community Service Scholarship Award and congratulates all the honorees of this year’s annual dinner for their roles in community involvement.
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