After the Gala's fundraising goal is reached, any surplus funds will be dedicated to three wonderful projects at Har Shalom.  
The Playground:  As Har Shalom’s schools and young family engagement continues to expand, our outdoor play spaces are in need of upgrade and repair. Please help us ensure that our children have a beautiful and safe space to play!
The Religious School's (HSRS) Inclusion Program:  New this year, Har Shalom’s Religious School introduced an Inclusion Program, the first of its kind in our area, to allow families with children of varying developmental needs to find a Jewish home. Thanks to start up finding from the Holly Amsterdam Fund, this program supports a self-contained class, provides support to our students in the general classrooms, and offers professional development for our teachers to support the varying needs of our students. We are excited to see this program continue to grow to provide Jewish education for all our children.
Check out Washington Jewish Week's December 2023 article about the inclusion program here:
Going Green: Ensuring the sustainability and longevity of Har Shalom, as we look forward to our 60th anniversary in 2025, one area of focus will be “going green.” A long-term goal will be installing solar panels on the roof--a move that will be good both for the planet and reducing Har Shalom's energy costs! 

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